I thought Barry Johnson winning would be a sobering experience, guess not.  Some desperate folks still think there’s a chance to defeat him?  HOW?  Do you really think that between NOW and the election some savior to give you girlies another get out of jail free card is going to happen?  It’s not.  Between now and the election Abel is still in deep trouble,  hey, there’s a HEARING today but I guess you girls and your buds don’t keep up with what is really going on.  Are you that afraid of going to jail?  Hell,  I’d stop drinking if I were you.  Ask Sherre Johnston how she likes her eggs.  No more special treatment,  go cry to the wind.  Glad you are feeling “determined” but your so out of touch you didn’t see THIS coming?  It’s over.  You lost.  Guess you don’t even know how the process works.  HA!  We do.

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