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“It’s nothing personal against the court, but the defendants deserve a fair and open trial,” Prosecutor Michael Jarrett said.

Who IS Michael Jarrett?  More personalities than “Sybil”.

Judge Ralph Strother responded by saying he was surprised by the motion and needed a moment to digest the state’s argument. After a brief moment, he decided he would not voluntarily recuse himself. But, he would ask an outside judge to be appointed to hear the recusal motions — leaving any official decision up to someone else. That stopped the hearing in its tracks, ending the whole thing after a mere 30 minutes.

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Another judge will be appointed to hear recusal motion in Twin Peaks case

WACO, Texas — A hearing began Monday morning to consider arguments to disqualify the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office from two upcoming Twin Peaks shooting trials. But, in the end, the judge became the focus of the morning.

Defense attorneys had filed motions to remove the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office and DA Abel Reyna from prosecuting bikers Billy McRee and Jorge Daniel Salinas — arguing that Reyna was a cocaine-user, who was under FBI investigation and had used “fill-in-the-name” affidavits to arrest 177 people after the 2015 Waco shootout. Reyna has previously denied the FBI investigation, the drug use and any wrongdoing.

The DA’s office filed a motion to quash Monday’s hearing at 8:05 a.m., urging the court to push back the hearing until February. Prosecutors argued they had not had enough time to prepare for Monday’s hearing. The defense team team fought back, and the judge agreed, saying he wanted the hearing to continue as planned.

However, before things could continue, a wrench was thrown during the hearing when it was announced that the state had filed its own motion to recuse — not Reyna — but 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother. Strother, of course, was the judge overseeing the hearing in the first place.

Harry’s really tired of this shit and he ain’t alone.

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