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Abel Reyna called her crazy and a disgruntled employee.

Just like 100% of crooks call women who turn them in every damned time, especially in Governmental Whistleblower cases.  No,  this isn’t a Governmental Whistleblower case,  it’s what we’ve come to in McLennan County.  Julissa West was braver than many of her counterparts, and had the fortitude to confront,  instead of hiding a FBI phone and continuing down the Rabbit Hole we call Justice in this county.

Showing up at the Courthouse and having another crook in a robe Julissa home without the opportunity to testify.

All I know is her face in the picture at the courthouse with Clint Broden.  You can tell she’s telling the truth.  You look at her and then the face of the man who used to be her friend.

Our officials hide the truth from us,  so does law enforcement,  everything is secret except the people who have had enough and the fortitude to come forward or just say,  “Hell, no”.





You can look at this woman and know she’s telling the truth.  Then, of course,  there’s Clint Broden,  Dallas Attorney, and smartest guy in the room every time.

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What happens to whistleblowers? – POLITICO

Jun 13, 2013 – “I think he can expect his life to be turned upside down and inside out. That’s what happens to all national security whistleblowers,” said Louis Clark, president of the GovernmentAccountability Project, which represents Drake and other former NSA officials who have exposed problems in the agency.

What Really Happens To Whistleblowers – disinformation


Sep 24, 2014 – It’s no secret that people who go public with damaging information about the misdeeds of government or corporations become untouchable (see Robert Greenwald’s documentary War onWhistleblowers for examples). But just how tough is it to get a job after you’ve blown the whistle? Almost impossible …

5 Stories on What Happens to Whistleblowers After They Speak Out

Aug 27, 2013 – 1. “Anatomy of a Whistleblower,” by Laurie Abraham (Mother Jones, 2004). Jesselyn Radack is a “Lifetime TV writer’s dream”—the mother of two young children and pregnant with her third who had privately struggled with MS since college. She was a government lawyer with the Justice Department’s ethics …

Be Prepared Before You Blow the Whistle – Fraud Magazine

New research on state whistle-blower lawsuits shows it’s likely you’ll be fired and will lose your case. But then, doing the right thing never meant that right things would happen to you. Imagine this scenario: A government contractor is overcharging your state government agency for goods and services. You know this …

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