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Just when you thought people couldn’t be any MORE transparent,  or that the criminal justice system was somewhat skewed between,  for instance  Bikers,   or the DWI’s of people’s dumbass kids who are poor,  on and on,  well,  here we go again.

For sure Harry thought someone had given Sherre some lessons in “looking penitent” or being sorry for driving drunk three times with a gun and failing to tell the cops who she was.  We thought someone had stepped in and told her to use more of the “suffering John Face”,  or the “I could crawl off and die with this purse in my lap”  Purple Truman face.

Nope,  we have no idea what has impeded justice once again for this special person in special circumstances,  with special friends.

The flu?  Boutique closing? Broke nail?  or simply another night of “Sorry,  I have a headache”.


We just don’t know,  however,  a wise woman said this morning,  “Hell,  she must have a lot more on them than anyone imagines.”


What all does this woman have on so many men in public office and out????

Image result for beautiful woman in jail cartoon

Try putting off YOUR date to go to jail.  Getting a little obvious here?




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