“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
― Winston S. Churchill


“Alleged Arson suspect Mart, Texas”

Do you remember the series of house fires in Mart a few years ago?  There were quite a few and most of them are believed to be insurance fraud fires and perhaps you had a lot more information about that then you let on.  The Statute of Limitations has passed and it’s just gossip and “Folklore” now in Mart,  your name is mentioned in connection with this fire ruled “accidental”,  yet in some minds,  “Suspicous” is more of the word.

Yessirreee Man #1,  we  have a few questions.

When did you move away from Mart?  Were you involved with the Mart FD?  Mart residents are sort of more than curious about a place called “PJ’s Bar & Grill” which burned down.

There actually a list of things about this fire that concerns the firefighters contacting Harry.


Whats the likelihood the owners of PJ’s B&G are still considered your emergency contacts? If you have since changed them; to say maybe your current wife… Harry knows your NEW “at-will” Chief had plenty of time to learn all about you during a 2 hour (previously unreleased) “recorded” show and tell with the man who’s quite efficient at saying and proving!   Unfortunately,  it seems the current and past situations have led fire fighters to take a recorder to work,  prompting a memo telling them not to take a recorder to work.

Next, instruct us  how to financially position ourselves like you did. After all, soon after your wife resigned from being manager of your favorite BAR, run by your emergency contacts the places goes up in flames.

Just sayin’  wow to the coincidence?  Accident?  Who knew?

Man holding a match with fire arson business, vector illustration cartoon



Each to their own, but I guess the stress of having to find a new place to drink, dance, and sing equipped you with the drive and financial ability to remodel your house, outfit your bands with new guitars, amps, mics & stands, and don’t forget the commercial grade karaoke machine.

But with reports of you having to go home for being drunk on the job, I guess having all the toys at home is safer for everyone…as long as nothing else catches fire. Oh…and what are we to make of the folks saying there was a FD radio at PJ’s while the fire was being started?

And what about allegations of the fire being started by some non firesafe cigs similar to those you’re alleged to have left in a car your said to have borrowed?


“You can’t control who your family is” & “Everyone’s doing it!”

Please do tell us about your step-son’s affiliation with Aryan prison gangs and more importantly how allegations could surface of little Johnny telling secret things he shouldn’t know while secured in a segregated jail cell.

How could he have possible known enough secret info to put your and Fisk’s name in the same sentence! “Can’t have a story with drama without drugs!” ..What’s the name of that girl? You know…maybe her first name starts with an “A”…the one that you knew back from Mart; and who you reportedly came to pick up a few years back so y’all could go and exchange some Xanax bars for a little marijuana. If you recall,  when asked for your name, you may have introduced yourself “James”; doing so in front of a former Mart resident who recognized you and knew your real name. He may have told you could be who ever you wanted to be, but we all know most folks can’t keep a secret very long; especially when they realize they been stuffed for their goodies! Funny how quick he forgot your alias was “James” and how quick he starting spilling your real name (first and last) as well as a bunch of nasty secrets from Mart. Yep…the disgruntled customer also saw it his civic duty to point out the extreme conflict between the “Mart” rumors with your current occupation/position. No…he never missed a beat as spoke of widespread suspicions leading you to relocate to Waco!


Okay,  so you have a step son who went to the big house,  maybe got involved with the A Brotherhood,  who knew they’re all over the place,  especially in construction and in crawlspaces in Bellmead.  Is crawlspace one word or two?  Anyway,  this shit was fascinating.  Somewhere in here Kevin Fisk gets pulled off a Capital Murder/Arson case and everyone wonders why.


Perhaps we all get a little lax with our conversation with family members (but a fella of  clout should realize the tendency of serious problems occurring when a family member has alleged drug addictions and known affiliations with one of the most violent prison gangs in the state). However, Harry knows blood is thick than water. Who’s he to judge something like that? Harry really wants to know about the conversations mulled over around chilled glasses of sour mash in Bellmead. You know, while drinking and visiting the two story house occupied by your “painter” buddy and Aryan sympathizer/supporter. Harry is most curious about the alleged conversations regarding “The AB no longer having to worry about  Kevin Fisk because He was fixing to be pulled off the CAPITAL MURDER/ARSON case. ” Harry, who is beyond repissed over this injustice, also wants to know if your conversations were ever interrupted by sounds of fugitives hiding in the concealed crawl space around the second floor?

Then you became Vranich’s hatchet man.  Push.  Push.  Push.  You wanted a punch in the face so badly but it just never would happen,  even when Vranich secluded Fisk in a room with no windows to make life worse.  After Fisk was sent home,  John Johnston asked for a meeting in which he had an alleged “COMPLAINT” against him.  As Kevin waited in the hall,  John was busy writing his Self Demotion, to a Civil service protected position that at the time did not even exist.   The “COMPLAINT” was never brought up again.



Chief Johnston resigns to spend “more time with his family”,  right,  Sherre had gone completely wal-eyed crazy and that was the reason,  just a puff piece to cover up the truth.

Mike McNamara’s death,  September 2, 2015


Also to further the cover up of the affair,   911 tape,  and moving the brother.  Here’s that pesky 911 tape again.


Harry calls BS!!!!

Harry also believes the ex law man should still be alive; but he just had too much going against him that day. First, his ol ticker just wasn’t ready for the medication needed for the rendezvous; it just took way to long for the sheriff and his deputy to get there to get the man dressed and his truck relocated, and there’s the pesky issue involving; wouldn’t you know it…another damn secret phone for speaking to the notoriously most ineffective FBI agent in Texas! Harry apologizes for taking time away from #1’s  airtime, but SERIOUSLY…

Withholding medical care from a dying man who had outwardly opposed Reyna violating his own policies at TP’s would & should have commanded more attention than the blond bimbo Harry’s decided to call “Goodyear” (high mileage) making a scene and slobbering on his grave! We can only speculate why Susan Istre yelled,  “Abel is going to kill me”,  when served a subpoena.   Considering more than one source told Harry about Mike Mc having an FBI phone,  it’s no wonder Susan went wild.

FIre Marshal Vranich, RECENTLY PROMOTED TO DEPUTY CHIEF RANK HIMSELF, is the man responsible for making sure his Criminal Investigators properly do their job-and HOPEFULLY see to it that all fires aren’t arbitrarily ruled “undetermined” (and as such go without proper investigation) just so you can keep your overtime budget in check. Fisk had no problem becoming repissed himself while describing an on-call Investigator bragging about his goal of being back at home in their own beds after being called out to investigate a fire, while still drawing the minimum # of fallout hours paid at a rate of time and a half. Well, on report 3, Vranich showed where his loyalties lie. As one might expect, the conversation requesting & warranting further investigation into allegations of your possible misconduct ended abruptly with Vranich memorializing the occasion with “You realize how bad this will make the FD look?” On occasion #4, Vranich forced Fisk, in front of a witness, to give reason for having removed those case files from his office. When Fisk spoke of repeatedly telling Vranich of those allegations voiced against you (obviously Fisk ain’t the type to knowingly endanger folks lives), it too was captured on recorder. And for anyone the play button is pushed, can hear thebvoice of a real leader saying, in front of the witness (who Fisk requests name be currently withheld in hopes the guy will grow a pair) “As Kevin’s immediate supervisor, I’m giving a direct order that nothing said in this room leaves this room!” Person remaining unnamed (also heard on recording), responds “Yes sir.” Damn shame we all were lead to believe serving and protecting meant “us”…not your own reputations and agendas! We all know Vranich worked directly under you  and the “man” formerly known as chief. Recent history has shown the man “currently” known as chief, even being from a different department/city, appears to be cut from the same “in-dire-need-of-heavy-starch” cloth as you and “former” were cut from. How is it that those white shirts you put on repel integrity and honor?


So, it seems we have several men in place, and all having an obligation to do the right thing, instead choosing to be a continuing part of the problem.

So far,  the CITY OF WACO has shown the same amount of nads as Joe Layman.  They know,  hell,  everyone does.  You can’t go to the Flea Market on LaSalle without running in to people who think that WACO LEADERSHIP LIKES TO LIE SO PEOPLE WILL THINK THEY ARE SAFE AND TO GET TOURISM.  Also, to rectify the historical reputation of Hell Town and give us paper heroes,  and mostly lies the paper doesn’t seem to “snap” to.

Sneaky man,  YESSIREE MAN #1,  has slipped around long enough,  he thinks he got through the PUBLIC microscope Harry has along with others brave enough to speak out on Social Media and to the FBI.  AAAAwwww, but you didn’t you

#1 Little Yes Man Devil,  hope we can get this out before your lunch so we can ruin it.

Yes Man #1   WACO FD DEPUTY CHIEF,  sneaky little Paul Simmons.

Thought you slid by Santa Claus,  didn’t you,  heaven knows you try.

Who the hell knew how many tapes of little Paul,   Harry would have to go through?

We don’t like you,



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Paul Simmons  #1 YES MAN OF 2017………….He knows why too,  so does City of WackoSimmons

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  1. You’ve learned some. But so so much of the story you don’t know. There is no doubt in my mind that if he would have killed me he never would have spent a day in jail. But what he’s done even feels worse then that. Just so much you do not know. ALMOST like 2 Paul’s.Jekyll and Hyde. He even walked out on his children for over a YEAR. SENT someone to my home to steal the tapes. And I can’t repeat what was done to me. Not the Judge or Abel Reyna or anyone else kept their promise to me. That he wasn’t above the law..Noway would he get any type of custody over my babies. He was to busy playing Chief and running the bars. So Much You Don’t Know. He lives 2 lives and you’d never know. Yet he turned it all backwards and blamed me. While Mrs Swanton was supposed to be helping me. She knew I didn’t have a chance. I wasn’t a part of the Good Ole Boys. But my Grandpa Kelly was one of the very first business men along with Passmore in Waco Texas

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