She bleached her pubes for her man

This has been a rocky year for Love.  Love has been sent to the DPS via funny phone just to mess with some folks,  Love has been found most recently at the part time rehab center downtown in Castle Heights which has turned into a hand job parlor and I don’t mean fingernail painting.

Clara Harris was a simple,  good,  ambitious Texas woman,  we all pretty much felt sorry for in 2007,  until we all saw the photos of her husband’s leftovers after she threw the Mercedes in Reverse and backed over him.  The bleaching I am pretty sure did that.  After all these years,  she quietly walked out of the Gatesville Women’s Prison on parole for three years,  Clara has suffered like Elizabeth Taylor.

I’ll never forget when Clara was on jail and my used to be girlfriend,  called by lawyers at the O’Quinn firm,  “the scary one”,  called me and laughingly out of breath described to me the photographs and the jury’s reaction to them.

We think that Donald Trump has hogged all the news,  it’s all about him,  but, today,  there is justice,  we can feel that sense of justice we can’t see in Waco.

Merry Christmas Citizens of Texas,  Justice has been Served and now Clara is out to love again.


Clara Harris, the Friendswood dentist who made national headlines more than a decade ago after she ran over her cheating husband, is getting out of prison, officials said Monday.

“It’s a tough day for the victim’s family, I can tell you that,” said Andy Kahan, victims advocate for the city of Houston. “But, she served more than half her time on a first-degree murder.”

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Kahan wanted Harris to serve at least 17 years in prison, then have three years of supervision on parole.

Harris has served 15 years of her 20-year sentence for the July 24, 2002, manslaughter of 44.



Clara Harris bleached her pubic hair for her husband, and spent 15 years of a 20 year sentence for his murder, she was released last week,  I call that “mitigating circumstances”.

Convicted killer Clara Harris looks toward her supporters after the end of testimony Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007 in Houston. Mildred Harris and her husband, Gerald, have filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit against Clara Harris in the July 2002 killing of orthodontist David Harris. Clara Harris ran over her husband with her Mercedes-Benz several times after confronting him and his mistress at a suburban Houston hotel. Harris was convicted of murder in February 2003 and sentenced to 20 years. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan) Photo: Pat Sullivan, STF / AP

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