“The Degenerate Offspring of an illustrious sire”

No one has done more to fuck the women and children of at least three counties that we know of than the STEM family.  There is a Wiley Stem III,  City Manager,  probably a nice guy but goes to show you they’ve got more leaves on their ANCESTRY.COM while your mongrel ass couldn’t afford the membership.  You’re the Trifecta of evil there is NOT a picture of Judge Stem anywhere on the internet or anywhere else.  This man knows his life is in danger and has hidden his face before the bullets fly.  He is one mean ass Judge,  he likes it, and has wielded horror for years.  Wiley Stem is his brother,  and there is a Robet Stem Jr. too.  Harry’s just getting started.

Robert Stem Jr. lawyer,  defense lawyer,  criminal defense.  Just the worse lawyer Harry has ever encountered,  well,  Runner Up to Walter Reaves Jr.  Robert Stem Jr.  is another “5 years to do in prison” parrot that jumps to the whim of Puppetmaster Abel Reyna and his people.  When Greg Feazell’s daddy put him in the local jail thanks to his friendship with Abel,  and,  of course for Greg Feazell’s “own good” in the mind of the Great Vic Fizzle,  and Robert Stem Jr. was Greg’s lawyer.  Greg Feazell has never shared his father’s extreme good luck.  Nope,  he gets Rober Stem Jr.  Greg sits in jail for four months,  Stem wrings his hands and it’s “5 years to do”,  just like Greg’s daddy asked.  Seemed bleak.  Greg was pretty scared.  When pushed to TRIAL,  Stem carried the counter offer to the DA’s office and the charges silently went away.

Does an Equestrian from Baylor really have anything in common with your bad ass loved one?  Hell no.

Robert Stem Jr. you are pampered,  petted, and over-educated.  We’re calling you out as just one lousy lawyer,  member of the Lucky Sperm Club,  and just another part of the problem.

Judge Robert Stem,  has wielded power,  sat on cases he never should have sat on,  cheated people,  took money  from old folks,  and was big buds with the degenerate groper Judge Walter Smith.  Yeah,  him.  Another one from Marlin.  Everyone Bank Connected.

The Stems are rather like the “Bill Nesbits” of Marlin.  Yes,  Bill Nesbit,  another kind man who’ll take your house and sell it to Abel Reyna.  These people are without souls.

Judge Robert Stem tried to destroy one Ty Clevenger,  a leader in the Citizens Revolt,  he took them to task and succeeded in taking down Walter Smith,  BUT,  Judge Stem still is out there causing nothing but grief in his Christian Arm of the Punishing God wake.

Ty Clevenger is a hero in our battle,  a true leader,  naturally,  he had to leave the state,  but he left us victorious, and with the ammo to take down Stem,  if someone would listen.

Shame on all these people,  the stories are endless.

Image result for bad crooked judge cartoon in hell with devil

No, no,  Harry ain’t through,  these mfkrs get another page.





Wiley Stem, III – City of Waco, Texas

Wiley Stem III has been with the City of Waco for over 40 years. He began his career at the City of Wacoin the positions of: Management Analyst, Assistant Director of Public Works, Water/Wastewater Supervisor, and Director of Water Distribution and Wastewater Divisions. In 1999, he assumed the role of Assistant City …

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