Truck Shredder, betrayer,  Liar, philanderer, stand in for John, mean as a snake, sneaky as his BFF Vic Feazell,  and having a tough time with old age in general.

You knew it was coming old fellah.  You’ve been waiting and so has Harry.  You are a good friend as long as you’re in trouble too,  when someone bashes you,  you whine about how you’re just “damaged because of Vic’s bad reputation”,  see,  nothing is your fault.  You got ole Vic to hire your concubine Sherre Johnston way back when LOVF was in the bank building,  you got Vic to pay your woman and you were in residence daily keeping an eye on her,  God knows someone has to,  and Greg Feazell for his daddy and your BFF.

You were mean as hell to Judy,   you put people in jail in your ruthless attempt back up the ladder after it had to be pointed out to your dumbass that Muneer Deeb had a club foot and couldn’t subdue three kids at the Lake.  Duhh.  Of course,  Deeb passing that polygraph didn’t help.  The thought of you with your hands over your face after being ridiculed by your fellow cops is the most telling.   You had to make it come true to SHOW THEM.  Well,  you did.  You hurt everyone and still don’t care.

We want you to be #10,  you’re not just a YES MAN to SHERRE JOHNSON,  you’re out there trying to keep that sweet ass out of jail.  YOU allowed her to have her name under your Private Detective license.  She carried a gun.  YOU think it’s okay for Sherre Johnson to carry a gun?  Love is blind and passion is cockeyed.

You are definitely our #10 Yes,  ma’am,  pussy whipped man of the year.

Do you carry her purse?  Does John leave before you get there or do you all just have coffee together?

You made Harry’s life a living breathing hell and you giggled,  called Harry “corn fed”, and a few other things with that little doggie chuckle of yours and a toothpick dangling out of your mouth.

Image result for Truman Simons


We hope you choke.

Image result for snickering dog cartoon

Grown man running around taking the assistant Fire Chief’s old lady to the courthouse in front of everybody,  then getting mad he was recognized with her.  Your days of being stealth are over,  ole boy.

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