YES YOU DID MAN #13 Randy Roberts

#1.  Say out loud the name of your first dog or cat.

#2.  Then,  say the name of the first street you ever lived on.

What do you get?  Your stripper name at the SHOWTIME CLUB over on LaSalle.

Actually,  Harry doesn’t care.  He’s driven past the SHOWTIME CLUB for years and has seen a few things,  cop cars,  ambulances, a gladiator stripper,  and if you didn’t have a Bachelor Party end up over on LaSalle,  you ain’t shit.  You ‘ve paid good money for all kinds of things and having Randy Roberts follow in Ray’s footsteps is great,  the usual amount of mayhem,  the food for happy and sad memories of many a family car on the way to Oakwood remembering the antics of a loved one.  Harry fondly remembers a woman called “Camilla La Fox La Box” and some burning candles back in ’81.

You’re not an asshole,  you are refreshing in that.  You’re actually quite amiable and a good friend to many who have loved you for years but you have to pulll that baby back.

You are not a  hypocrite.

Harry’s not even calling you out.  Harry is calling you though because no one else I know knows anything about this over at the MELODY RANCH bingo and that’s about as far as the Uber driver takes me on my Social.

Harry’s been right,  wrong,  and mostly in between.  You too.

Be a real friend to your friend Abel Reyna.  You remember those days in ’87 who wants to play games with law enforcement and see people suffer at the hands of feds or cops of any kind.  Your Dynasty has gone on for years so have your friendships.  You are a smart man.  Come to papa.

Save someone’s dumbass Daddy spending the Christmas money on bullshit.

We like you Randy Roberts,  you control your world everyone makes up wild stories about,   you’re colorful,  you’re powerful and you’re a gawdamned DYNASTY too, frankly,  I’m betting more on you than any Judge.

Si Se Puedes,  Randy Roberts.



It was bound to happen,   Juan just kept taking him to LaSalle every time we went to sleep.  Hell,  they’d sneak that old Lincoln down the driveway with the lights off and hit it down Valley Mills,  have a burger at the health camp and it was on baby.


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