Nothing like a good $184 lunch at the old SALTY DOG to make up to the Texas Rangers for asking them to withhold evidence in Twin Peaks.  Speak now,  it’s safe,  there’s a crowd.

Here it is,  where are the Rangers?  Is THIS okay?  Just like with TWIN PEAKS,  couldn’t people have stopped THIS SHIT?

Wow,  all you big guys just let this man walk all over you.  Sweet.

Little people came out all alone,  you are the RANGERS for crying out loud.

“One man one riot”,  well, this is a riot all right of the funny kind.  Who the hell is going to FIX THIS?  Rangers?  FBI?  One little bully and no one has what it takes to question him?

Okay,  enough. Here is the story.  Click on the site,  drink heavily.

You can’t make this shit up.    Harry


Image result for mighty mouse


    • Cause people let it go on. They just step right “in” to their daddy’s shoes, and we walk right into victimization year after year. We don’t have to anymore there’s an US and there’s the internet, and we’re all tired of having our intelligence insulted. They’re going to lose this baby, they already have.

      • What is really sad is that Waco isn’t the only town in Texas or across the world where this type of corruption and tyranny exists. You are correct Harry, WE or US, are tired of having our intelligence insulted and bullied into compliance. The internet is playing a large role in helping bring to light what “they” hoped would stay in the dark, “The Secrets”! The only reason for secrets are to hide something they couldn’t do if it was made public or if it was above board. This is much bigger than Waco. I am also writing a comment on “Who Is HARRYSTORM” which an interesting story itself. #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas

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