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Brittany Scaramucci

Brittany Scaramucci

Guy Cox was the attorney for the Jarvis couple,  the secretary to Ken Starr that got covered up BIG TIME.  Mrs. Jarvis went to jail on a DWI,  Mr. Jarvis,  also drunk as a skunk,  was taken home only to return DRUNK and chew out the Sheriff’s folks.  Oh, hell,  that ain’t right,  they’re innocent.  HELLO?  et tu,  Guy Cox?

Recently it seems some Baylor folks get a little pissed at Harry.  THIS was Baylor,  this was bullshit.  THIS was passed off on the public as okie dokie.  You want to tell us the FBI can’t make a case?

More bullshit,  what more do you need?

This was a bad one,  a total political job and slap in the front of everyone.

Kenn Starr’s secretary gets off a DWI,  AND her husband.  Give me a break.

If you notice people have to come and POINT BLANK TELL the newspaper,  Tommy Witherspoon is so retirement ready,  non curious or whatever.  You have to file at the courthouse to be heard or believed here.


Thank you Brittany Scaramucci you rock,  you’re what we need more of.  Hats off to you.

 “I’m gonna get you Guy Cox”

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  1. Keep at it B, you are being heard by more than you may think, I forward your posts as much as I can.

      1. Now what needs to happen is vote that crooked ass sheriff out of their. He knows the wrong men were convicted in Lake Waco Murders and still has done Nothing

      2. What’s worse is Abel giving the Pimp at the Rub and Tug PROBATION, plus giving back $11K that was set for money laundering. Sheriff Mc ought to be really angry right now, this is a big “F.O” from Reyna. How any assistant could take this shit to a judge is beyond me. Oh, that’s right, our Judges will just sign anything they put up there. McNamara comes up next year btw.

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