I love young people.  Not just because they usually have some really good dank weed but because they’re enthusiastic and not so jaded they’re non curious.  If your curiosity still gets sparked chances are we’ll get along fine.   Here’s what’s up from Waco to Washinton with Indica and some old jammies.  Take that!


Got a few Congressional Reviews sent off Return Receipt Requested, plus Exhibits. Thank you Paula and Debra for helping. This law is so unique the Congressman has probably never even heard of it, or gotten one, much less the THREE I know of. See, HE HAS TO DO SOMETHING WITHIN SIXTY DAYS. Has to. Has to within sixty days. ONLY your Congressman and they don’t advertise it either.

So, I just got off the phone with the Congressman’s Washington Office people, wow, they’re great. I will be talking soon to the head of their Legal Department one Christopher Taylor.

I feel sure the Senator will do the obvious right thing and that is to send these to the Judiciary Committee immediately. It’s not Flores’ area at all and the Committee is already investigating the Law of Informants.

It’s Waco,  they EXPECT a wild story,  give it to ’em I say.

It’s a good thing.

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