PARNELL MCNAMARA: Suddenly Silent Sheriff

Well,  you could have shot a canon on Washington Avenue,  or anywhere downtown for the past couple of weeks and not hit anyone.  The chilling mini cattle guard gated copped up the butt courthouse was more than anyone could stand.  The law enforcement guys and gals were so very nervous and jickey acting it actually made  you  scared by proxy.  Cars and uniforms darting in and out of alley ways.  Disconcerting to say the least.  Sitting in the frigid 54th. Courtroom,  I remembered the days when jurors used to yuck it up and bring casseroles and brownies to court.  That was out,  no more of that.  You figured it was stupid or,  better yet,  you were stupid because THEY knew something you didn’t because they were protecting you.  What a way to live.

TWIN  PEAKS.  Twin Peaks is a Clusterfk.  Any gay wedding photographer could have done a better job than law enforcement with the cameras.  OH,  they told us that NONE of the biker phones recorded any footage.  Do you believe that?  I don’t.  I remember going home totally depressed after one witness said she saw a man with a yellow helmet and a “dirty Harry gun”,  that’s a big gun.  I wondered if Jake Carrizal had that gun.  WHY would they say it and bait us with that if it wasn’t true.  Of course,  our President does these things but,  this……a big gun a yellow helmet.  End the suspense,  is it JAKE?  It wasn’t.  Turns out big Jake has a derringer in his boot.  Now I’m mad.

Today everything looks true and I remember when years ago McLennan County flew with rumors about Vic Feazell and how awful that was and today,  it’s Abel Reyna and an Affadavit from Gregory Davis,  his former first assistant.  So,  it’s been going on for sometime and no one has stepped up to make it stop.  They know things yet it continues.  People suffer,  no one wants to stop this.

Where’s Parnell?  Where’s the case against the woman who burglarized his shed?  She’s the same woman who phoned in that suspicious 911 call the day his baby brother died under very suspicious circumstances we have brought up time after time.

It’s so bad here a Sheriff will move the body of his brother and get away with it.  THEN,  he and the DA or somebody let the woman who this man was with flounder with more charges than Jake Carrizal ever had.  DWI’s,  Burglary of the Sheriff’s shed,  on and on,  nothing happens.


We will keep reposting that 911 call and other evidence until somebody prosecutes this woman or until she gets on the stand and tells everyone why she’s getting this preferential treatment.  She’s visible,  so is her husband,  our ex Fire Chief.

TWIN PEAKS is over,  truth is coming out.  Clint Broden will be taking lots of depositions and we hope he’ll take Sheriff McNamara’s AND Sherre Johnston’s.  It’s time to gut up,   this wild story is FOLKLORE and no one is going to let it go away.  Not now.  Not now that our Sheriff’s baby brother,  Mike Mc’s phone just never turned up either.

If you think there is no comparison between some drunk chick and what they did to Carrizal,  you’re right.  There isn’t.  IT’s just that people who live here know how far back the corruption started,  we are grateful you are new and want to stomp it out and have what I hope is a reaction from the people here who have been greatly harmed.  Harry ain’t alone.

Our county and city officials are totally corrupt.  Same folks,  different generations,  new secrets.

Get right elected officials.  Sheriff Mc,  we know you’re just human,  everyone is crazy about you pretty much no matter what you do,  so tell the truth.  John Johnston,  you’re at the Fire Department daily,  your wife showed up at the Courthouse with Truman Simons last week.  Are you all daft?

Vic Feazell says that Bernadette Feazell’s son was on GHB (GAMMA HYDROXY BUTURATE)  because she  (B Feazell) had a boyfriend who gave him GHB.  Not Vic.  Amazing.  See,  Vic’s wife,  Cecelia knows better than this.  She knows about GHB and it was “ok” with her.  Time to wake up and face things,  there are other people who know and are going to talk.

Sheriff’s deputies who assisted in moving the Sheriff’s brother and covering up things will be deposed.

The new people you decided to mess with,  well,  Abel decided,   aren’t Davidians,  they’re not from here,  they’re slick,  they’re educated,  they see through your dumbass and they are coming to drain you dry financially.

The “Expendables” got better lawyers.  Face it.  I suppose now we’ll have them throw us a scapegoat,  much like Bill Johnston in the Davidian scandal.  Can’t wait to see which unfortunate brother they pick to throw to the wolves,  chances are Abelino.  Welcome to the “Expendables”  you messed up.  You overplayed your hand.

Harry,  Bernadette Feazell, and lots of other people have stories to tell about Waco Justice.  She’s mad,  Vic Feazell used his influence to jail his own son,  the cops refused the case so he went to Reyna,  Greg Feazell spent four months in jail before he was bonded out,  ultimately,  after the DA’s office offered him 5 years in prison,  Reyna’s office dropped the case.  They can put you in or they can keep you out as in the case of Kim Falcone,   who only got ONE DWI,  where as Sherre Johnston has over 4 and never comes up on the docket,  bragged that “Abel Reyna is my friend and nothing will happen to me.” Sure nuff.

I urge a resolution to this incredible fiasco.  Do not under any circumstances try the case against Jake Carrizal again.  The case against Matt Clendennen is even worse,  trust me on this.  He’s next and he has a lawyer that will mow you down.

The corruption at the top,  Judges,  DA’s etc.,   causes the entire Bar to become lazy and lousy.  We have lousy lawyers in this town.  The “go along to get along” is rampant and it’s time to retire,  please go home.

They think we’re all stupid and they’ve been blackmailing folks for generations in one way or another,  now they’re facing Federal and State depositions from some mean uncaring folks and plenty of them.

God’s going to get you for that.  Seems I remember that from a recent Documentary about Baylor.  Well,  God and out of town lawyers.

Time to be bold,  time to be righteous, there’s safety in numbers.  If you have a story or if you are scared but want someone to tell,  I urge you to call one of the biker lawyers,  Casie Gotro,  Clint Broden,  they are tough,  they are mad,  and they are comin’.


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Clint Broden,  Houston, Texas

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7 thoughts on “PARNELL MCNAMARA: Suddenly Silent Sheriff

  1. HarryStorm, Excellent commentary, we said we would high-5 each other after Jakes’s dismissal, I’m calling the hung jury a victory. FTGF

  2. This guy thinks he owns Bosqueville Texas and has his own assault squad he uses to silence unwilling participants. he certainly doesn’t mind hurting or killing our families (children) or his own like he portrays on the news. He needs to face justice as does reyna.

    1. We know and Sherre Johnston has FIVE DWI’s,
      Sheriff Mc has some explaining to do about moving his brother, Mike too. We’re all over him also. Bet his wife is too. Read “25 Year affair”….No more Dynasty!!

  3. If someone could get the next bikers attorney to ask Reyna what was the difference between the biker riot at convention center in Denver where the Mongols and another gang with a death and many injuries- No arrests No cycles confiscated.

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