Click on the above for the  FILED COURT DOCUMENT filed by Biker Attorney Clint Broden.  This is the Affadavit of one Greg Davis,  first assistant to Abel Reyna before Michael Jarrett.  It’s a doozey.


What do you do when you know something awful,  you try to “right it” but you can’t,  why because no one seems to care and the FBI surely doesn’t want to muck up ANOTHER crooked DA in Waco like they did with Vic Feazell in 1987.   Same gamblers,  same type of charges involved with Feazell as Reyna.  This time,  however,   the City of Waco seems to be on the side of Mr. Reyna.  Notice they hired Mr. Joe Layman after he left Reyna’s employ and it would seem that Layman’s position in the City Attorney’s Office could benefit Reyna while protecting Layman and his part in it.

Many have taken REAL CRIMES,  including the murder of a Federal witness to Reyna only to have the entire matter forgotten and whatever evidence they gave to Reyna’s office,  never returned.

Seems one can “get out of jail” as in the case of Kim Falcone,   via friendship with Abel Reyna,  or one can put someone in jail as in the case of Gregory Feazell,  son of Abel Reyna friend and contributor,  Vic Feazell.    You can have numerous DWI’s,  possession of a concealed firearm and other offenses,  as shown to us by our one time Fire Chief’s wife,  Sherre Johnston,  who also was Vic Feazell’s secretary and has been the girlfriend of Truman Simons,  longtime has been hero of the Lake Murder,  for years and nothing happens to you.

City of Waco is corrupt.  The police department in Waco,  corrupt,  the Courthouse,  corrupt.  Everything in secret because the population is too stupid to understand and they are protecting us all from ourselves.

Hello,  FBI?



Vic Feazell,  indicted September 17, 1986 for taking bribes to dismiss DWI’s.  Bribes in the form of campaign contributions.  Feazell was found Not Guilty by a jury in Austin, Texas in 1987.

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Abel Reyna,  accused of taking bribes in the form of campaign contributions 2017.

Abel Reyna

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