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Over the Summer,  Harry reported the hottest gossip in Waco for three years,  the case of the dead DA’s investigator and ex U.S. Marshall, Mike McNamara, who was also the brother of Parnell McNamara,  our Sheriff  not to mention brother of the Sheriff.  Many people called it “Waco gossip”,  and surely it was at its finest.  However,  when the big Baptists are caught with their pants down,  the rest of us do delight in their sudden, distressing humanizing.  “I wish I was in Dixie”,  was McCracken and the beautiful Dixie Huey,  then we had “Anchors Away”,  where two local tv personalities ran off to spend the day in Oklahoma only to come back to Texas and hit a roadblock of law enforcement officials.  Who the hell knew?

Most of that pales in comparison to the fire chief’s wife and the Marshall/DA investigator who was her longtime lover and subsequently enough shenanigans went on to keep Antioch Baptist buzzing for years to come.  I’ll include the article site below in case you want to revisit.

SELECTIVE PROSECUTION.  This means the Sherre Johnston law,  lenient put for a privilege few.  Sherre HAS FIVE DWI’s,  she was carrying a gun (don’t you just love it when drunk folks carry guns and drive?  Then she burglarized the Sheriff’s house or shed and nothing has happened to her.  Nada.  Zip.  Nothing.  Williamson County,  which is supposed to be worse than Waco,  sent her TWO DWI’s from there,  here.

Sherre Johnston is NEVER on the Docket,  ever.  Take a look yourself,  it’s online.

Then there are those two Baylor folks we’ll never forget,  the lady who was Starr’s secretary and got a DWI.  The S.O took the husband/passenger home,  then HE came up to the Courthouse on a motorcycle,  drunk.  NOTHING happened to them either.  NOTHING.

The list goes on and on.

Abel Reyna’s office has had EVERY opportunity to put Sherre somewhere on the docket,  never has.  Never will?  We suspect they will now.  Which is probably one of the reasons we hear from Sherre from time to time all angry.

Narcissism is when it is only about you.  When you take NO responsibility for anything,  it’s all a mistake.  Sherre Johnston and her boyfriend Truman Simons have called the people who think Sherre needs a little more than a rehab “time out”,  “crazy”,  “attention seeking”,  and mean.  Just like the Lake Waco Triple Murder,        Simons says           but now no one is listening.  Truck shredding ended that b.s.  Little Sherre and her big mouth may soon go to Gatesville and learn some real people skills.  What would happen to you if you were drunk carrying an illegal gun?  Of course,  she pleaded that she was “Truman Simons’ employee”,  thinking that law enforcement is as “Simonized” by him as she is.

Jake Carrizal is on trial in Waco for murder.  He never killed anyone.

Here is the Sherre story link:  https://lakewacotriplemurder.blog/2017/07/20/twenty-year-affairs-cloud-mclennan-county-justice/

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