As many of you may remember in 2002 Vic Feazell and Truman Simons desperately tried to get the bloody evidence left in Ft. Worth after the Deeb trial back from the Tarrant County lab and Pat Eddings who had signed for it.  Feazell’s wife had heard Simons was trying to get the evidence back from the lab and got angry that they were trying to get it back and destroy it like the truck.

She called Vic first and he assured her he did not do this and that Truman certainly did not either.  She,  of course,  did not believe any of it and in order to stop the two men from trying again and making themselves look even more suspect.

Sherre,  who obviously has something on “them” for sure after that,  if she isn’t too stupid to realize it,  although she did work for Feazell over 12 years with Simons too.

Tomorrow we will publish the Letter from Fredric Dannen to the Forensics Lab telling the same story from his view.

As always you be the judge.

By the way,  Sherre Johnston just wrote my son.  That makes me angry so I decided to post tomorrow’s tidbit today.   Enjoy.


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