SHERRE JOHNSTON EMAIL 2001, “You have known about us from the beginning and I need to know who you have told.”

Recently,  Harry has come under a Storm of his own.  Seems a lot of people don’t see the totality of the circumstances in this case.  Sherre Johnston has been “IN” with Truman Simons since before 2001,  here is an email from 2001 from Sherre Johnston to Bernadette Feazell,  the ex wife of Vic Feazell.

At that time they were still friends,  until 2002,  when Bernadette Feazell found out about that pesky truck shredding on the part of Simons.   Now we find Sherre and Truman still together,  now sixteen years,  Sherre has branched out into other law enforcement officials and we think just could be pulling the strings with the recent story about Sheriff Parnell McNamara teaming up with a desperate Truman Simons to solve the Beth Bramlett murder,  an idea that suddenly came up after 35 years.

We have more,  oh,  so much more.

For those of you who think little Sherre is just the Marilyn Monroe of Waco being passed around by an overage brat pack,  she’s much more than that.  Her law enforcement boyfriends cannot control her.

With or without makeup,  drunk,  in jail or out,  she’s fun to watch.

We will post this photo of Sherre,  Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Trib,  and Truman Simons together just a few months back.

— Sherre Johnston <> wrote:
> Bern,
> How’s it going?  Tru told me about the parrott, and
> the dog illness.  Hope
> everyone is better now.
> I have an important question for you………and I
> hope if you really care
> about me, you’ll tell me the truth.  I know that you
> and Vic liked Fred
> Dannen, even though Tru warned you about him.  Tru
> said from the get-go that
> Dannen was out to cause trouble.  I have learned
> that Tru is VERY good at
> reading people, and he has a sixth sense about
> things.  He is almost ALWAYS
> right.  Anyway, did you mention my relationship with
> Tru to Dannen?  I need
> to know, because I know that they are going to play
> dirty and try to get Tru
> any way that they can.  I need to prepare myself,
> and my family,  if I am
> going to be involved in this.  Obviously, I don’t
> want to be involved in
> this!  However, I am also not going to abandon Tru.
> I love him, and will
> always stick by him.
> Sooooooo, you have known about us from the
> beginning, and I need to know who
> you have told.  Thanks!
> Love, Sherre



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