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2021 CROOK OF THE YEAR Voting Deadline Extended….

Harry has decided to extend the 2021 Crook of the Year Award for a few more weeks....please continue to vote, click the link below and cast your vote: https://immadtooharry.com/2021/12/31/polls-are-now-open-for-2021-crook-of-the-year-award/ POLLING RESULTS AS OF 02/08/2022:

Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Police Performance – MICHAEL MILLER…

MICHAEL MILLER, a busy-busy investigator with the MCSO | YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE, maybe Sleep Deprivation was the Contributing Factor in mistaking the White Mazda for a Yellow SUV at the CIRCLE K ... come on dude!!! Sleep deprivation is comparable to excessive drinking. A sleep deprivation study found that not sleeping for 17 hours impaired … Continue reading Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Police Performance – MICHAEL MILLER…


So PREBOSNYAK time-cards shed new light As I was turning, the back end of my unit slid off the gravel road and into the ditch area. Another case of the police car being at fault. Jessica didn't even know that she had damaged the cruiser.  "To my knowlege, I did not hit anything", she continues, … Continue reading JESSICA PREBOSNYAK w/ Time Cards….

Voting Deadline Extended to February 1st, 2022 for the 2021 Crook of the Year at MCSO | YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE!!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

VOTE BELOW: https://immadtooharry.com/2021/12/31/polls-are-now-open-for-2021-crook-of-the-year-award/ RESULTS AS OF: JANUARY 16TH, 2022 LEADING THE WAY TO VICTORY: YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE - OLE' PAR KILLCREASE / NIXON JANUARY BALLEW / FERGUSON THE EMBALMER | CODY MAC JR. MISS KITTY & PAR'S MINI-ME Capt Pamela Whitlock a/k/a Capt June Allyson (RETIRED & UNLICENSED)

CAPT CHRIS EUBANK – 1ST Criminal on today’s list….

It's all good, clean, fun until someone goes to prison. At night, you may be seeing the stars and constellations, I am seeing Capt Chris Eubanks and Former Capt/Unlicensed Pam Whitlock a/k/a Capt June Allison's time sheets over and over in my head. I am not a Sheriff's deputy. I never took an oath like … Continue reading CAPT CHRIS EUBANK – 1ST Criminal on today’s list….