So PREBOSNYAK time-cards shed new light

As I was turning, the back end of my unit slid off the gravel road and into the ditch area.

Another case of the police car being at fault. Jessica didn’t even know that she had damaged the cruiser.  “To my knowlege, I did not hit anything”, she continues, after all the front of the car was still on the county road. 

Unfortunately, she did hit something and after a Deputy Hardy from Bosque County tells her she has damaged her Sheriff’s car, she parks and calls, guess who, Chris Eubank.

Jessica barrels away from her #TXDOT duties to join in a hot pursuit, a lot more fun than sitting around in a four-hour old diaper in your Sheriff’s car making sixty bucks an hour, after all. Jessica takes off, doesn’t bother clocking out, even after the entire thing is over with, Jessica just charges #TXDOT for hours when she WAS NOT THERE.

Aw. Shucks, blame that on the car too, Jessie girl. Or an oversight, except you’ve cheated before.

Unfortunately, Jessica is one of probably three who we call, “low hanging fruit”, the younger ones, minor players in the #TXDOT cheating scheme. Jessica doesn’t need a $100k truck, probably doesn’t live in an almost Half a Million Dollar house near the other co-conspirators. She’s just as sloppy as the others though, over-confident that they will never, ever get caught.

Jessica is a bit player in this, sort of a “racketter-ette” among the Bigger Fish Captains, but, she and a couple of the boys would be the first ones I’d sweat if I were Law Enforcement investigating this. 

Somehow, Jessica just knew it’d all be okay after she called her Captain, Chris Eubank, and it was. 

The State of Texas cannot put Jessica on the stand for anything, she lies, she’s a proven liar and I’d love to see a defense lawyer rip into her for not even knowing she damaged COUNTY property, when, she did, thank goodness for deputies from out of town who pay attention to those little details.

Someday soon, in Jessica’s future, there will be law enforcement from the BIG CITY, they will grill her over what she wrote on a government document, not Daddy Par, not co-conspirator Chris, a real cop, with real powers. In the world of double dipping #TXDOT crime, Jessica’s a lightweight (well kinda’). I’d be more interested in those who helped her develop that comfort zone.

Sing, Jessica, you’re the low woman on this thing, sing like a bird, your days in Law Enforcement are numbered and you will soon find out how very little you matter to the boys you so willingly and excitedly ran with. 

MCSO, McLennan County Sociopaths Organization.

They thought no one would ever look.

Tick. Tock.


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