Readers are stirred up this morning, that new AGUIRRE BILLBOARD on Hwy 84 has it all buzzing.

I’M MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

I am appalled however NOT shocked at the last blog post. The total lack of accountability from elected officials in McLennan County, the State of Texas, and the United States government has gone beyond sickening.

Why is the public not outraged?

I see daily on social media people griping about the cost of gas the cost of food the rise in our taxes etc.… So here is a novel idea start CALLING, emailing, whatever you feel comfortable doing.

McLennan County offices can be reached at 254-757-5000 you can reach all offices from this number. Just ask for Judge Vik. They should not be allowed to just bury their heads in the sand. Tell Judge Vik that this isn’t justice and hiding doesn’t help.  

Here is the official McLennan County website you should be able to get email address from this site well everyone’s but JUDGE VIK!

THIS is Judge Vik, he likes to talk to people but listening, not so much. Doing what’s right? Wow, a real problem there too. His own man? I’m laughing.

Let me help your readers out a little more here is a listing and contact info for you Texas Representatives

And here is how you contact your Senators

I would say it is time to let them all know that we as VOTERS are tired of this mess and that we can and will vote them out!! Write them email them call them there are power in numbers let your voice be heard!

Start with why law enforcement in McLennan County did not investigate this a long time ago ask your Sheriff!

(Installed for free by Jay Justice on Parnell’s Jeep, hey, we all need that)

Ask Judge VIK what he considers OK? What if it were his family oh wait…. I am going to assume that all these people know the people perpetrating the fraud here… This lady is impaired either by dementia or by alcohol and yes alcohol can impair you. This lady has and is being submitted to constant programming by her “care takers.” Would you ask an abused child in front of the abuser if this is the person that abused you NO the answer is NO?

Then why do they allow it with this lady? Why not remove this lady from the situation and the people fighting over her get her medical care and have a “QUALIFIED” professional talk to her at that point!!!

Ask the Sheriff why he turned this mess around on the family and told the family to quit harassing the very people that they reported for fraud!!! Another epic example of how the Sheriff OVERLOOKS his buddies CRIMES!!!!

Taxpayers of McLennan County all of this is a waste of our taxpaying dollars just like Bitcoin, the wrongful dismissal suit, all the wasted money on toys at the Sheriff office, overtime because of short staffing and Judge Vic and the good old boy story!!!

Start TODAY you tired of it then say something I know I am!!!!


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