Here he is, it’s HALLOWEEN and, “I”m in my fourth childhood”, Par decided to dress up like a Mexican, “Vaquero”. Unknown to him Halloween is actually OVER when you’re 12, guess he’s out there begging for money and putting his card in the bags of the little kids. omg.

I am a longtime reader and never thought I would write in, but like a lot of things, THE TIME IS NOW! 
I was at an event recently where I heard Jeff Aguirre speak and make the comment that he was not born to paraphrase  
With a bigtime name, and his persona was not manufactured in front of cameras or media. He also made the comment that the Sheriff has stood on the shoulders of more successful people to create his identity, and this got me to thinking. 

The current Sheriff touts his pursuit of Kenneth McDuff when my research shows that Waco PD oversaw that investigation more specifically from what I’ve researched it was Steve January. 

This makes the Sheriff a parasite who adopted someone else’s story as his own. I’ve also heard stories of how Parnell wanted to go to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and simply have a photographer document him walking through the rubble. 

As someone who previously supported our Sheriff, it sickens me.

In talking with Jeff Aguirre, I realized the Sheriff is capitalizing on Yellowstone and the motion picture Hell or High Water, so I did some research. Did you know that in the Rolling Stone article dated August 22, 2016 the Sheriff is only mentioned as an “uncle” of Taylor Sheridan who was forced to retire from the U.S. Marshal Department? 

There was no real event that led to the creation of that film, yet the Sheriff continuously leads people to believe that it was about him and his career. This is another example of him creating his identity and or a lie through omission when he allows people to believe it is true or about his life. 

Quite frankly, I can’t help but side with Jeff Aguirre that the Sheriff stands on the shoulders of more successful people, Yellowstone is a perfect example of this. 

The Sheriff has continuously utilized the Yellowstone premise and even held a “Yellowstone” gala to raise money.  Again, a parasite standing on the shoulders of someone else’s accomplishments and using it for personal gain.

Jeff Aguirre made several points that stuck with me, leading me ask these questions.

The Sheriff ran on the promise to create a narcotics unit and for a long time we saw the sheriff in front of the camera with drugs and money he was combating drugs in our area, where are the people who started that drug unit?

He capitalized on the success they brought him and now it seems they are gone, why?

We all know how much the Sheriff loved to stand in front of the camera with Joe Scaramucci, where is old Joe now?  
Why did Joe Scaramucci really leave? 

What happened to the trafficking unit he ran? 
Is it true the Governor stripped our county of the funding for that cause?

Is It true when Jeff Aguirre says a Major and 3 Captains all left the jail at the same time?
Are these the same jail people that the Sheriff spoke so highly of when he talked about his staff bringing it to satisfactory standards? 

Again, a parasite he stood on the success of people under him, only to have them leave him. Why are people leaving him? 

Why do people who create success leave

Last but certainly not least I saw a Facebook post where the Sheriff and State Representative Doc Anderson were playing dress up at a Dia De Los Muertos parade. I wasn’t as mad at the picture of 2 of the 3 amigos but I was rendered speechless by the comment “Remembering our Ancestors”. 
Parnell McNamarra has never been at a Hispanic culture event before in his life until his opponent with a Hispanic last name decided to run for Sheriff of McLennan County.

 If you’re reading this Mr. Sheriff, you’ve never cared about anyone’s Hispanic ancestor.

This is pandering and standing on the shoulders of Hispanic values and culture rich in history.

Jeff Aguirre says that the Sheriff is grooming his replacement, and soon he will stand on that man’s shoulders and try to convince us that we need that man. The Sheriff will tell us how he created this protégé that to me sounds like more of his BS we are all supposed to embrace.

I believe Jeff Aguirre when he says “ I can teach you how to be a good cop, I can’t teach you how to be a good person” I also believe it when he says we need change, and for that reason I’m switching my vote this election cycle. I’m voting for change with a focus on the future.  

Jeff Aguirre March 5th, 2024! 


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