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If Eubank, like me, and perhaps you, wondered if taking a test online, doing really horrendous things to people I barely knew FOR my father figure, Parnell, versus, an idiot at the right place right time that moved Parnell’s brother, Mike McNamara with him on September 2, 2015.

Well, we found out didn’t we?

So did you.

This is a Reader rant about my favorite subjects, moving Mike and Little Sherre. If you read this, please know how much Parnell hates it when people go up to him and say, “Hey, did you move your brother”? If you see him, or Cody, please ask him, I’m old, it really makes me happy. Let me know how it goes, come on, for Harry.

Play this 911 call from Sherre the day Mike died, you can hear Par in the background.

Anyone stupid enough to get Sherre Johnston to do this isn’t Sheriff material. Get real.

Play it.

Good morning, Harry,

Where to start, how about that 911 call where Ms. Johnston really tries to distance herself from “this man” did she ever say his name? You can plainly here her say stay with me Mike, however she is not giving his name on the call. So, if she found “this man” in the parking lot how did she know that he “ he fell over grabbed his arm” knew his age but keeps referring to him as “this man “makes me question why she felt like she needed to distance herself… I don’t give a big fat rats butt about Sherre Johnston; however, I do care that the Sheriff went to such extremes to hide the fact his brother was in a motel apparently had a stroke while with his and apparently everyone else’s girlfriend.

SHERRE JOHNSTON: THE GUN | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

STATEMENT OF CORPORAL JUD TIPPIE ON SHERRE JOHNSTON | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

When you risk that much time for the sake of appearance and your brother dies because you were afraid of how it might look.. Really just really that shows the Sheriffs character and where his priorities lie. That is just sad, makes me wonder would Mike have made it had he gotten medical care faster? Hope Parnell McNamara is proud of himself! And that explains why Cody Blossman would be his choice for the promotion over Chris Eubank. If you help move a body no matter how stupid, you are proof positive.


Another Question why Cody Blossman was not accepted into the DPS program heard a rumor that he couldn’t pass the background or he psychological test hmm. Kinda scary to think that Parnell McNamara changed policy at the jail just so Cody didn’t have to take those pesky evaluations he couldn’t pass. I hate to mention it again, but that crap Parnell McNamara spewed at January’s funeral about McDuff lie flat out lie he “ESCORTED” him from Kansas to Waco that is all NO investigation necessary a garbage man got the reward… Also, if he was so good at investigating why didn’t he go out to Big Mama’s lounge on Old Dallas Hwy she called every time Kenneth McDuff was in there while they were “Looking” for him. Hiding in plain sight.

(30) SHERRE JOHNSTON – DWI – 09-09-2016 – DPS – YouTube

And seriously poor old Chris Eubank and Rebecca Eubank they are so out of the loop everyone knows old Char and Par are saying they just must keep him happy and quite until after March and they are gone.  I know that Chris Eubank must be smart enough to see the writing on the wall. After all he has seen what they do to others and Parnell proved where he was in line for any promotions at the Sheriff Department.  Cody Blossman has just as many skeletons as the rest of them and Chris knows it. So, no matter what Chris gets it in the end is how I am seeing it unfold. After all that is how Parnell repays loyalty isn’t it once he has got all the use, he can get out of you then you are gone.


And heaven forbid you make Char mad that is a big no no from what I hear. So, my best guess is that Char and Par are sucking up to Chris and Rebecca while they are together, we know they are talking stuff when they are not around. I hope the Eubanks don’t end up Parnell’s next Sherre Johnston they don’t have all the prisons air conditioned yet!!!


For those of you who still don’t believe this woman is totally crazy, I have one more exhibit.

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