In the middle of the night with your covers pulled up tight it’s gonna come to you

This is one of these post best served with weed and read after clicking for just the finest singer…..

Enjoy, Harry readers saw this shit comin’ …. didn’t ya?


What a dumbass, it has been reported that Chris Eubank and Pam Whitlock put in their letters of resignation Friday and that today, Rebecca Eubank put hers in. Par doesn’t see shit coming does he? Some investigator. See, he’s a Narcissist, every fucking day is his birthday and he thinks because HE decided on Cody, everyone should be happy. They’re not. The signs were there, Chris sold his house, this looked like the DREAM HOUSE to me for him and Rebecca. They came a long way, these two. Eubank earned it if I have to look at him and Cody. Cody had a Secret Service Daddy, Chris pulled himself up, and was the wrong choice in my book but, hey, Par and Char know what they’re doing. Pam Whitlock, bit surprisee there, except she and Rebecca have long been friends and probably are loyal to eachother and Chris. More than one can say for Parnell.

How’s that Riding for the Brand horseshit working out for ya old man?

I am proud of them for ending this thing, I have to say. Yeah. There’s that. Good for you.

What horseshit.


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