This here is Kenneth Allen McDuff, every now and then he has a message.

Thu, Oct 12 at 11:56 AM

Well, hello Harry,

My, my Parnell McNamara’s incompetence is rearing its ugly head again … where do we start? Well, how about “DUE PROCESS” what a novel idea and it has been around and part of the law for, I don’t know FOREVER! And what Judge signed a search warrant for this to happen? I want to say this LOUD for the people in the back. It starts with the fact that Parnell McNamara is NOT qualified for the position of Sheriff of McLennan County! He was a Deputy Marshall he transported prisoners from place to place and was a federal bailiff. He was not an investigator; he did NOT capture Kenneth Allen McDuff see below. This tell me and should tell everyone else that he does NOT know what Criminal Status is nor does he know how to read it. Apparently, the people he surrounds himself with do not either! Parnell McNamara has this vision of himself like most narcissists do that rules don’t apply to him he also forgets that he is an ELECTED OFFICIAL he works for thecitizens and voters of McLennan CountyHe wants people to think he rides in on hispony that just wandered up and saves damsels in distress and that the rightful owners Bitcoin Depot officials “can go to hell,” how did that work out for him?Judge Felton having to write a letter of apology to Lux Vending and Bitcoin Depot. And here is some handy information a law passed September 1st would make Parnell McNamara unable to run for Sheriff today because he would not be qualified under the new law. So much for him leading the public to think he was this law-and-order Deputy Marshall out rounding up the bad guys and saving the women folk. You know if you tell the truth, you never have to remember your lie.

Texas fugitive arrested while working as garbage collector. 

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police Monday captured a paroled Texas death row inmate wanted for questioning in the deaths of as many as six central Texas women.

Kenneth Allen McDuff, 46, was the object of a two-month search by law officers throughout the nation.

He was arrested aboard a garbage truck just after 1 p.m. by police in Kansas City, Mo., said U.S. Marshal Larry Joiner. The arrest came after McDuff was recognized from a recent episode of ‘America’s Most Wanted.’

‘Someone watching the ‘America’s Most Wanted’ show Saturday night recognized Mr. McDuff as someone they thought they knew in their employment contacts,’ Joiner said.

‘While we were meeting with them, Mr. McDuff showed up about half a block to a block away and was arrested by some police department officers that were there’, Joiner said. ‘He initially thought the stop was a routine stop and did not resist. When he saw the officers he realized what it was, started to jump from the truck but there was enough officers there that he did not.’

McDuff was wanted for questioning in the death of Melissa Ann Northrup, 22, who worked as a clerk at a Waco convenience store where he was a trainee, police said.

Northrup disappeared March 1. Her body was found April 26 in a water- filled gravel pit near Dallas. She was the mother of two small children, and was pregnant with her third child, officers said.

McDuff, using the name Richard Fowler, was arrested on unrelated charges about two weeks ago in Kansas City, but was released, Bruce Beaty of the U.S. Marshal’s office in Dallas said.

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