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judge.vik.d@gmail.com write him and tell him what they did in his courtroom.

I have also sent the information about the SUSPENSION and Lewis being suspended while in Judge Vik’s court TO JUDGE VIK in an ex parte communication. Anyone else wanting to tell Judge Vik what he missed in this shit show, his address is judge.vik.d@gmail.com

Obviously, this is now Do It Yourself Justice here.

John Lewis paid his Bar dues and the website update his status within twenty four hours.

Too bad he was SUSPENDED when he was in Judge Vik’s Courtroom for the Johnnie Sharp Hearing. Much to the surprise of the twelve to thirty witnesses who were there and did not get called. They kept telling me over and over again that “Lewis just did NOTHING”.

Did Lewis tell his clients he was suspended? NO.

Is this a violation of the Bar? We will find out, this is bullshit and you know it, so does he, so does Mabry.

Johnnie Sharp is now in the custody of one 49 year old man, Chad Justice, who says he “never took any money” from Johnnie Sharp, on the stand, and we know that is not true.

What bullshit, is everyone corrupt???????

The Bar Grievance Form

State Bar of Texas | Grievance & Ethics Information (texasbar.com)

Do we all just sit here while lawyers FUCK us? The courthouse crony bullshit FUCKS us? That an elderly woman who is being juiced like a lemon for money is now the WARD of a man, Chad Justice, sued for FRAUD, investigated by the FDA and FTC? Come on here.

The bullshit stops now.

John Lewis, guess you needed a gentle reminder. Really?

Or are you just such a crap lawyer you didn’t have the money? My guess is both.

Nice though that you have a good friend like John Mabry who’ll go in and “wing it” at the expense of an old woman with dementia. Nice job protecting your friend/law partner, however, the CLIENTS certainly weren’t told about the suspension.


Have fun eating a grievance, I’m sure not your first nor will it be your last.

I already knew WHAT you were, you’re lucky I had NO idea YOU were involved in this case, otherwise, I’dve been there.

Stand up against the bullshit good old boy cover up system. You do not have to have “standing” to file a Complaint against John Lewis or Mabry.

It stops here, it stops now.


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