How would you like this aging creep asking to see your tan lines? Well, vote him in and see if anyone has the nerve to sue his ass in his second term. Take a look, CREEP. Total full creeper.


19th State District Judge Thomas West

Oh, great, bitter, angry, frankly creepy, sex pest Judge Thomas West is going to run again, Fabulous. Anyone else want to run, like on a platform of NOT ASKING TO SEE GIRLS’ TAN LINES, or, my personal favorite, “Hey, can I smell your hair”.

Could we please have a disclaimer from your wife, or Baylor Counsellors, or just Baylor, perhaps HR at the County too would be nice, that you have learned a lesson?

Nevermind, he’s a joyless mean Judge anyway, of course, when Judge Meyer forgets where he is, or launches into what’s wrong with Chip, Jo, and Magnolia, and sometimes, just wandering off somewhere, it’s hard to remember sex pest West.

Let me remind you.

Judge Thomas West sexually harasses the women at the Courthouse.

Seems to me any lawyer that has some ambition can run on a “I won’t sexually harass my coworkers” platform and do pretty good.

If that doesn’t happen, since we just love having crooks and sex pests, along with Judges with dementia, Harry will just keep INTERVIEWING the girls and humiliating the idiots who just won’t quit.

Sex Pest West 2, The Return, can’t wait till some chick has the nerve to sue and there is no one who pays her off with whatever, say, tuition or perks, just sayin’.



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