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Reader Numero Uno……

Fun fact.  The sheriff office uses Waco PDs firing range.  There are not any trees or tree stumps out there.

The sheriff has a firing range on his private land which has trees.

Although.  I’m not sure how you manage to back into a tree stump and do close to $7000 damage to the SIDE of the vehicle.

Look at the repair bill. Side panel and the door shell?   From backing up and bumping into a tree stump?   

Also interesting that unlike every other accident report for a county owned vehicle, there were no pictures taken.  Guess it slipped Chris’s mind.

Reader #2

Chris is the one that wrote the report. Parnell as the driver of the county vehicle should have had to write a report. When officers are involved in an accident they always write a report. If he was driving his county vehicle he should have written one as well

Reader #3

I don’t recall any trees at the sheriffs office range. I do not see an address on the report. It was more than likely at his range on his land that the fast team uses as there range.

Reader #4

Chris shouldn’t have had to write a report unless he responded to or witnessed the accident

Letting a 78 year old man throw candy from the back of a moving truck, okay, it was about five miles per hour but look at him for crying out loud. Just put the old thing in the passenger seat and go on, WE KNOW already. We get it.

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