CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORT PARNELL MCNAMARA | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

THIS is your Sheriff for Life, 78 years old, Char took the keys away and now his Legacy is to give us Cody Blossman. OHMYGAWD. Do you really think you can hide the story about Cody going through the DFW with a GUN from me? You can’t. Public Information. Just like your precious Joe Scaramucci, there’s a paper trail no matter how right or wrong you are. Just like Joe, even though his wife may have attacked him and he married the wrong girl, there’s still paper. Grow the hell up. Get ready Cody, for all the humiliation and shoving the going through DFW with a gun and having YOUR SECRET SERVICE DADDY GET YOU OUT OF IT.

Donate thousands of dollars to Par in case you need to call in a favor. Most of these people are all wealthy high class people. I’m sure they as well as their families are on the deputy’s do not arrest list.

Wake up McLennan County, we need change.

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