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Little man complex, one more girl to save? Guess she hasn’t read how he reached for his ex wife’s throat and the Waco PD took pictures, of course, like all women after they are no longer useful, or as in Joe’s case he was cheating on her anyway, so that makes her “crazy” and expendable.

It’s over little Joe, defense lawyers will eat your lunch for this …

Joseph Scaramucci will never again be the big hero on the witness stand, the following police reports, including the accusation of ATTEMPTED MURDER against Scaramucci are a defense attorney’s wet dream.

If you and your old man had a bigass fight, and then you thought the better of it, after all if he’s in jail you have no money, or if his BROTHERS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT tell you his career is over if you go through with your allegations, then, chances are you just may drop it.

However, if Joe Scaramucci had not been a Sheriff’s deputy or member of law enforcement, they’dve thrown the gawddamned book at him and you know it.

Let’s see what his current employer thinks about this as well, considering there was only ONE CONVICTION from all his pervert whispering anyway, get the hell real.

Bye bye.

Read for yourselves, you’re not stupid, they think you are though.


Guess she tried to strangle herself too………….right??????

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