You may be right my dear friend, however, you know Harry is satisfied just to take the fun out of it for the old buzard and his witch queen. Ain’t gonna be fun this time. I am also just fuck tired of the gawddamned hats, Aguirre has a full head of hair, show that shit.

Cowboys, I wanna just puke, they’re aging bald fucks. Get the hell real.

Don’t leave me AC, I need you.


I’ve ordered 6 black 8 balls as each seem to be defective, but I don’t think they are.

Par will be re-elected, sorry, uneducated older voters love him, 1/2 of SO will go Aguirre if he stops pretending to be a cowboy, bro your not a cowboy, so knock it off.

Patrol upset they are now having to work the jail gate shack, yes patrol, so instead of paying them to save us they are manning the gate.

As for Blossman dump the combover, it’s gross.

Still love you Harry

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