I would appreciate it if Parnell would learn the definition of SCUMBAG, he uses it all the damned time on tv…………….idiot

Dear Harry,

I am totally amazed at the lengths people will go to for a LIE! It must be totally exhausting trying to keep up with who is sleeping with whom and where is my son-in-law this week… Who do I have to keep happy, so they don’t tell they took a test or moved a body…Everyone that has been in McLennan County for any length of time knows that the McNamara’s are out of the classy men they are dead and gone all that is left is the entitled narcissistic one. Parnell has managed to fool most of the old women that used to wish they were one of his many conquests (YUCK). You can see it when he is in public old Char is blocking like a linebacker and most of these poor old women wouldn’t know what to do if he accepted an offer. And let’s not forget he isn’t a spring chicken that puppy probably hasn’t looked him in the face in the morning for a long time. So how did he tell his daughter that her husband the father of her children was dead? And better yet in an apartment with a woman he has known for two months and lived with for two weeks? He sure took a page out of Parnell’s book. Everyone in town knows that Amanda has issues of her own ((cough cough)) CPS, money…. And old Gary only had two duffel bags or bags at the new place hmmmm I hope that the poor girl didn’t really think they were going to be in a long meaningful relationship. Ooops I was wrong it was until death do us part.

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