Whazza matter, too complex for you? Easier to turn your body cam or your recorder on and off? Come on here. After watching Scott Vaughan last week I can tell the family of Johnnie Sharp, we’re pretty much fked. I’m sure the law enforcement, “Brotherhood” is butt hurt and dying to retry this case, or at least just hold it over Sutton’s head for six or so years so they can dole out punishment, like the judge and jury they are.

This would take work, your Waco PD ain’t up for it.

The Sheriff’s department is led by ole Par and he loves the Justices, they are his buds so whatever they do is a okay with him.

Our Sheriff’s department and City seems to not care unless the crime or potential crime involves sex with some little girl or boy that only exists in the “pretend” of Joe Scaramucci much like the biker buddy Brother pretend of City of Waco’s Scott Vaughan with Lust for the Bust, he’dve been big shit if this hadn’tve gone South, but it did.

As soon as the weather improves, I think we may have to gather and protest as soon as the first cold snap hits.

They don’t like it we don’t like them, oh, get real. Vaughan wanted a “patch” before he retired. Sheriff’s got three helicopters, for the Future Hog Hunters of America he’s currently training so they can fly hunters and guns to kill hogs in their future. Of course, there’s Par’s ex prodigy Funeral Director, “The Embalmer” Eubanks, glad he has something to fall back on now that Cody has been identified as “the pretty one” and Daddy Par’s favorite.

Parcody is like “Near Beer”, at least in Par’s head.

This place’s priorities are strange.


We Need Justice for Johnnie Ann Sharp….NOW!

MANY ELDERLY VICTIMS ARE MADE PRISONERS IN THEIR OWN HOMES BY ABUSERS. This poor soul (Johnnie) is being isolated deliberately so that “undue influence” (by the liars and thieves) can be exerted upon her over a period of time. In otherwords she is being brainwashed into changing wills, giving money-based on bs lies, writing checks, changing funeral plots…giving money, jewelry, purses, vehicles, donations to people who can only help keep the scam going, money again and not $50 we are talking checks for $50k, 25k etc. it’s sickening to sit back and watch this happen to my friends momma!!!! Authorities are aware…so is APS even with an open case for 6 months….still we watch.
We pray the police do what’s needed butUnfortunately the police are hopeless as the abuser will “influence ” the person into saying nothing is wrong and has their approval. Police walk away over and over and over again. A FULL investigation would be nice!!!! Ya know-dig a little. Do your job-wouldn’t take much-promise!!
I can guarantee this is $1000 dollar bills just past a civil case. It’s CRIMINAL whichever way you wanna look at it. Period! 

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