I am going to be fair in my reporting of the Sutton case. I may have to write that fifty to one hundred times because I have some severe problems with the “quid pro quo”, the money changing hands, however, we have a new Judge, Sparkman, so we won’t have Judge West, and we have the AG’s office representing the State of Texas, Clint Broden representing Sutton and Sutton sitting second chair. The “quid pro quo” problem may just evaporate as the Motion Broden filed is a thoughtful cocktail and we don’t know what could go down in reality.

The Motion before the Court is brilliant, the undercover cop was told to stand down on investigating Seth and The Red Mouse Motorcycle Club, the cop defied orders and did it anyway, also, if Beaudin was going to be murdered and “in imminent danger” the cop should have done something to protect him, or, obviously, the cop thought otherwise.

We may not make it to trial.

I like it and we have out of towners so it’s a toss up.


Harry will be reporting to you, can’t decide whether to Twitter, Podcast, or blog but I really want to see this. I’ve seen Broden “think”, he is as close as it gets to Artificial Intelligence but Human, he runs things in that brain of his and you can see it, he’s magnificently brilliant, but I haven’ seen him in real trial action so it’s a beckoning thing to have a great lawyer in town and not go.

Sutton is lucky too because Marcus Beaudin managed to make it to jail just last week for DWI and acting like a fool, thus getting nearer to the “he needed killin’ defense” critiera which is “I know it when I see it”, so, who am I.

All I know is I’m glad I’m not going to be a juror in this thing.

Wonder who’s going to insult my intelligence first?

First “oh, shit” moment.

Can’t wait.


Waco attorney Seth Sutton wants to assist in his own defense in murder-for-hire scheme trial (kwtx.com)

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Waco attorney Seth Sutton, who alleges he was ensnared in a murder-for-hire scheme by a “rogue” undercover officer, is asking the judge presiding over his case to allow him to participate as a defense attorney at his trial next month.Sutton’s trial on a solicitation of capital murder charge is set for Aug. 14 in Waco’s 19th State District, with Visiting Judge Roy Sparkman presiding.In recent motions filed in the case, Sutton’s attorney, Clint Broden, of Dallas, is asking Sparkman to allow Sutton to participate in his defense in the form of a “hybrid representation,” according to the motion.Sparkman, who was appointed to hear the case after 19th State District Judge Thomas West recused himself, has scheduled a pretrial hearing in Sutton’s case on Friday.

Sutton, who remains free on bond and continues to practice law, is charged with trying to hire a Waco police undercover officer to kill Waco attorney Marcus Beaudin, who is charged with sexually abusing one of Sutton’s family members.Sutton’s co-defendant in the alleged murder-for-hire plot, Beaudin’s ex-wife, Chelsea Tijerina, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Hays County in May 2021.The undercover officer infiltrated Sutton’s Red Mouse Cult motorcycle club, and Broden alleges in pretrial motions that the officer took advantage of Sutton’s friendship and “pressed Seth to verbalize his fantasy of killing this sexual predator.”The motion also alleges that the undercover officer ignored at least three orders from Waco PD commanders to shut down his investigation of the motorcycle club and Sutton, and went “rogue,” continuing the operation without authorization.

In a notice filed last week by Assistant Attorney General Patrick Sloane alerting the defense of “potential impeachment material,” Sloane outlined the officer’s apparent refusal to terminate the investigation. The notice said that the officer was made an official “patched” member of the motorcycle club on May 13, 2020, two days after the “third and final directive to suspend the operation.”“This was done without permission and without the knowledge of his chain of command,” Sloane’s notice states. “On Thursday, May 14, (2020) believing (the officer) to be leaving the state, defendant Sutton met with (the officer) and first mentioned killing Marcus Beaudin.”The officer notified his chain-of-command and the investigation was reactivated, the motion states. It also says the officer, after Sutton’s arrest, “received inter department verbal counseling from his supervisor.”The attorney general’s office agreed to prosecute Sutton after the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office recused itself from the case because of its working relationship with Sutton.

While court documents name the officer, KWTX is not doing so because of his work in an undercover capacity.A police department spokeswoman declined comment Monday on the contents of Broden’s motion and Sloane’s notice because the case remains pending.Broden’s motion also questions why the officer, as required by law, did not report what Sutton told him about Beaudin reportedly sexually abusing his family member. Likewise, the motion asks why the officer did not warn Beaudin that he might be in danger of being killed.“No, because (Beaudin) was not,” the motion alleges. “Instead, (the officer) devised a game plan wherein he would insert himself into the situation and then falsely claim that Seth was hiring him to kill Beaudin.”

Broden’s motion alleges it was the officer, not Sutton, who suggested he could get an “untraceable” gun from a friend that could be used in the hit on Beaudin. Sutton gave him $300 at a bar, and the officer made an excuse to leave, saying his daughter had a sleepover and he had to get home.Sutton then left the bar and was arrested by Waco police.The motion also asks that certain materials be turned over to the defense, including emails and other documents related to Waco PD officials’ decision to terminate the undercover investigation.“Indeed, this evidence helps establish (the officer’s) motive for preying on Mr. Sutton’s pain and trying to breathe life into an investigation he was ordered to discontinue by offering to kill Beaudin for Seth and offering to get a gun to do so,” the motion states.Copyright 2023 KWTX. All rights reserved.


  1. Either way. This trial is gonna be wild. Murder for hire amongst attorneys, an alleged rouge undercover officer. Gonna be a Netflix movie in a year or two.

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