We know you let your family and friends do walk throughs, big fkn deal

Also, we never heard of Ricky Armstrong having sex with one of his subordinates, guess you forgot to address that. We think screwing your employees and having the entire place know it, plus spouses, is worse than a piddly walk through for your wife. OOOOOoooh, a walk through.

Better than the potential shit storm of screwing your subordinate whose husband works at the other jail for the food supplier, hello? People get pissed over this. A walk through….boy, has it been done…………

The public knows that law enforcement lets their families off stuff. Let’s their crappy brother in law drive home drunk, maybe follows his dumbass home etc. The public “gets it”, and these infractions, including Paulette Penley doing a walk through, she was January’s sister in law, we are used to and don’t mind.

We figure if we were cops we’d be put in a position that was a no win one also.

We know yall do shit.

We know it and don’t care, we get it, we would like for law enforcement to stand up and say, Okay, I let my cousin, wife, or sister in law do a walk through………BUT………….and give us the truth.

These little personal bullshit things, wrong, but we get it.

The bad shit is letting off the RICH FOLKS for shit like the rub and tug, not looking into a suicide, not having body cams.

Better yet, removing a handwritten note from Parnell in an inmate’s file……hello? Chris.

So you did something …. admit it and go on.

It’s nice of you to mention that Armstrong did this and not Steve January.


It’s not just this administration that is bad, the previous one was bad also. From having the Major Armstrong threaten jobs if anyone looked into why his wife was booked into the jail but no body…the whole swamp needs replaced!

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