The law will nullify ordinances enacted by Austin in 2010 and Dallas in 2015 that established 10-minute breaks every four hours so that construction workers can drink water and protect themselves from the sun. It also prevents other cities from passing such rules in the future.

Texas workers’ water break rules will be eliminated as temperatures rise | The Texas Tribune

Thirsty? Should have thought about that, tough.

Wife doesn’t want to have sex with you? Maybe she can’t get birth control and doesn’t want baby number two, three, or seven, and so now, maybe YOU have to “pull out”.


Your wives and girlfriends will soon know, as will you, that if they somehow get pregnant, it’s back to 1950 and THEIR FAULT.

Back in 1963, I probably was what we’d call today, “hot”, we all were no one weighed in at over 150lbs. I was supposed to ride in a brand new 1963 Dodge or Chrysler convertible. My dad’s boss was the dealer in Taylor and my mom told me one morning to go by there and see Mr. Schlitze, of Schlitze Pontiac, as he wanted me to pick out a convertible.

Back then, I pretty much identified as a horse. I loved them, I drew them, I read about them, I went to see Elizabeth Taylor in horse movies, I was the only girl around seven older boy cousins, I was adopted, I knew my mom was UNWED and trust me, when it came to sex, I ran like the wind.

Since I was already six feet tall, and weighed nothing, I could outrun any of them, plus, I could fight.

Face it people, I picked cotton. That used to have a different meaning than it does now.

I went to Schlitze Pontiac and it was the dead of Summer. Steaming August, so I had on shorts. Not shorts that went up my butt crack, outlined my lady parts, nor did they show my butt or anywhere near it. Nope.

Catholic mamas back in the 60’s didn’t let you walk out the door without modesty.

Mr. Schlitze directed me to his office and I went in, he opened the door for me and walked in behind me like a gentleman, until I heard the click of the door.

The old buzzard had locked me in his office.

He tried to touch me, I don’t remember much after that except I had REFLEXES, you hit my flight or fright and it’s fight. My memory of it is a quick and fur flying one, much like when your cat gets into a fight, boom, it’s over.

I went home and told my father, I was so upset, disappointed and hurt.

He then proceeded to scream at me, tear at me, and try his best to beat me

for wearing shorts.

Needless to say, I do not remember him and if I do it’s not fondly. THIS was one of the worst things he ever did to me, however, it was more than common.

Well, ladies, we’re back to that now.

Next let’s just expose the abject hatred of Mexicans exhibited, but quietly, in this Bill signed by our sweet Governor Abbott.

Why would anyone want to just get rid of ten minute breaks for workers in this heat?

Who are the majority of Construction Workers? Take a look and grow the hell up.

You didn’t plan for a 103 degree day, awww shucks and if you die up there on the roof, you cannot sue them, it’s now your gawdamned problem.

Where the hell did this come from? How many people are sitting around worrying about the productivity of outdoor HARD LABOR workers in this heat? Obviously, some rich Republican construction owner. You got me.

This is pretty cruel, pretty much from out of nowhere too, it will save the insurance companies a fortune, oh, and Juan, “fuck you”.

That’s what’s up there.

Hey, I’m old and I did my part. I drove a classmate to Mexico in 1966 to get an abortion, I remember her hiding and lying in the back of my car down Main Street down Second, and on to I 35. Horrible.

I marched in Austin, anti war, pro choice, anti descrimination, anti death penalty, anti Viet Nam, on and on, and now, we’re back to being locked into Mr. Schlitze’s office in shorts without a water break, folks.

While we’re on it. Goodbye to Affirmative Action in the Colleges. Fine with me. It served a purpose and now it’s sink or swim for blacks. Let me say this next very umpopular thing…..

Maybe now blacks will gawddamned vote. Hello? There.

If you don’t and you let this happen, so be it.

This is Greg Abbott, this is the sink or swin, and I “get it”.

Gay people should have been happy with gay marriage, no moral issue, it’s a financial one, if you have a spouse they can get on your insurance, and it’s INSURANCE they care about.

While I’m pissed off on another score, this town and the extreme corruption needs a hero.

This town and these stories of law enforcement just FUCKING people needs news, and needs a hero.

Looks like neither of those things is going to happen.

RETIREMENT seems to me everyone is worried about their job, paying their bills and RETIREMENT.

Look at Captain Steve January who was made Chief Deputy and was dead within two months. Uh oh. Well, that was a plan to give more money to his widow from the get go.

Remember January saying, “I am looking forward to my new duties” blah blah on and on, like it wasn’t bullshit.


We have no hero. We have no questioning press. We have that assmunch Tommy Witherspoon who’s place of residence is up Par’s ass.

We have Scaramucci who brings in at least thirty or so newbies a month that talked dirty to HIM and made a date to come on down and bang a twelve year old that is actually Scaramucci so


Considering that so far, they’ve only convicted one or two of these poor just stupid bastards, it seems to me that going after the Justices for Johnnie Sharp, the heroin on the East Side at the Park, the drag racing among the wealthy offspring of McGregor, would matter.

The reason we have all the child sex abuse shit is to appease ANTIOCH CHURCH, Parnell’s voter base AND if you remember, good old Antioch wrote a glowing letter in defense of Sherre Johston to Judge Kelly.

I am going to vomit.

Would people here, please grow a pair?

I will also tell you that the women of Waco have much bigger balls than the men.

This “I have to support my family” shit, well, sell the gawddamned bass boat, the RV, and grow a pair, Speak the fuck out.

Confront Tommy Witherspoon and tell him your story about the fucked up jail, the elevation of Cody Blossman, Par’s plan to get the money and run and get Cody to run for Sheriff, (please say it ain’t so), something.

We have County Judge Felton and his BROTHER IN LAW making millions off county construction.



When will you say, “I’m mad too Harry?”


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