I wasn’t going to go meet Aguirre at his Announcement. Nope. Wasn’t doing it. I did, however, want to meet him, badly. I am bone tired of the Law Enforcement BROTHERHOOOD where they get corrupted inch by inch, like poor Blossman did when he suddenly was helping Par move Mike Mc’s body. I’m tired of law enforcment secretly hating one another but, if one gets in trouble, or some b.s. goes on, well, they band together like glue. Sick of it.

I am also sick of old people, yeah, I know I’m one.

Par wants us to think he’s not old, that some magic has kept him young, well, he didn’t look young at the funeral of Capt. January. At first I was pissed because they had to put it up there, for Par because TOMMY OWES HIM, but, now I think it’s great. He got up there and had to revisit Kenneth Allen McDuff, right off the bat, that’s where I lost interest. January PERSONALLY called me in 2018 with Par sitting right there, I asked him if I was on speaker phone and he said, I was, I also asked if Par was there and he told me that he was. He was “good cop” to Par’s bad cop, well, vacant, hiding behind someone else, good cop bullshit.

They were SO stupid they got the county wrong so what do you want me to think? The call was to protect PARNELL from me and the truth. Par needed $5K to go to Switzerland so he hocked some guns that belonged to Larry Dunn. Par had an affair with CONNIE DUNN, and he was supposed to “appraise” the “gun collection”. Is there a WILL leaving those guns to the son, in writing, HELL YES. YES, do you hear me.

No one cares.

Par decided to get even by saying I was “doxxing”, putting his address on the internet. Well, the address is the old, unlivable McNamara House and Par doesn’t live there, he lives in a place that’s NOT ZONED RESIDENTIAL IN THE FIRST PLACE, but, hey, no one seems to care.

Par doesn’t want to debate because HE CAN’T.

That won’t stop ME from being there with a sign that asks the questions.

I will be outside, quietly protesting this absolute bullshit played out in front of us with a sign, I’ll have one with Mike and one with his shack job Sherre on it. I can think of at least TWO big questions there.

Then there’s the money.

Then there’s the double dipping.

PAR cannot answer a question.

Does AGUIRRE plan to drop the bombs on Parnell.

I went to Agurre’s Announcement to see what I thought.

My answer to you my best reader is “YES”. I think Aguirre is going to fk him up.

Parnell bit by bit corrupted people, a little stretch here, a little free meal there.

Onward to moving a body.

Get ready old man.

Aguirre’s, younger, better looking, smarter, and from what I saw, he, and a lot of your minions have had enough of your shit.


Is Aguirre going to expose the corruption, Webber fraud, body move, and God knows what else? If he doesn’t have the balls what good is he?

The last thing we need is “new boss, same as the old boss”

I hoped January would spill some great stuff on his death bed, nope he took it all with him, sad.

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