Someone needs to read the HANDBOOK. Temper, temper.

Okay, would you people please look up some law. You can’t sue me for slander, you, dear, and your husband are public figures and I have NO malice whatsoever against you.THIS is a blog of sarcasm and satire, find a lawyer, please sue me, get in line Yawn, I’ve heard it before.

YOU were on a public forum, I have also opened the door to a public forum, oh, just piss up a rope already, if there was a way to sue me for SLANDER IT WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE.

You’re just pissed because you work for the public and got taped by some poor person you were less than nice to.

YOU and your husband are public servants, I am a private citizen, sue me, you can’t get a dime and I get to depose you and your husband. Fun.

What the hell is wrong with you, read something, you also had your equal time and say, right here.

Oh, this after I file a complaint against YOU because you’re not supposed to get involved in political things, didn’t you read the HANDBOOK.

Let’s see who gets farther, or, has more fun at the very least.

Grow up.


I was directed to this page because of some slander that I was mentioned in. While on this page, WOW! This is quite the hyper focused page. Let’s get to it….when I made my comment on the sheriffs race page under Armstrongs wife here is the reason. I found her comment extremely disrespectful to her husband. Her husband was promoted 3 times by the sheriff ending in his role as Major. For her to say that the sheriff puts the wrong people in leadership positions bothered me since her husband was put, several times, in those positions. Even if he left on sour terms at some point he was a supporter and to demean his career and the captains careers to focus on their walk out is uncalled for. As for me wasting tax dollars, I assure you I was sitting in my recliner as I am now. Also, that video you posted, I was fresh in my open records role and had never come across someone like Mr Gates. Talk about intimidating! However, fast forward 12 years later I have become proficient in my job.
As far as my husband, I promise you can ask anyone at any department in McLennan County or any surrounding counties and they will have nothing but positive things to say about him and his abilities. I may be biased but he’s a pretty great guy and the county made a great choice adding him to the payroll as he comes with a career full of training and knowledge.

– Christina

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