Younger, bigger, taller, kinder, not a bullshit CELEBRITY by Legacy bullshit guy, approachable, great speaker, took a bullet, AND liked by just about everyone, well, except Par and his hatchet men, take a look, we have a race, people, let’s fight it out, down, dirty, debate, bring out the truth. Par NEEDS to answer some questions and baby, I’ve got them.

THIS is the face of the future, Parnell, well, he’s the past bullshit. The degenerate offspring of an illustirous sire.

THIS is Jeff Aguirre.

I wasn’t going. Then I was. Then I wasn’t. Then I did and I’m glad.

People who have been hurt, lied about, done wrong, can either take it or scream. I am bone tired of those that just TAKE IT. I get it, the family, the retirement, the Brotherhood, whatever little infraction they’ve done and are being blackmailed for by the Par Powers that be. The women, I must say, want to scream, they want to fight back they want to bring forward what they’re going through just to make a living, BUT, they have to remember their kids, some are the sole support and just can’t.

What has been missing for years is that HERO that walks in and takes over, a hero that can talk it, walk it, doesn’t cheat on his old lady, doesn’t have a side chick that cock blocks getting body cams, some great guy that can impose, in the words of John F. Kennedy, “youth and vigor”, I’m pretty tried of looking for that guy and my fellow man and woman seem to just allow Par to run roughshod over the poor, black Mexican, women, and those HE decides are “scumbags”.

Par is judge and jury, or is he?

Aguirre is taller than me, quite a feat against my six foot two in heels, and since I tend to protect Harry I wear them, and pray no one knocks the chip off my shoulder because, baby, it’s there.

Aguirre got on stage, took the mike and said things I never thought I’d hear.

“Parnell McNamara runs on his “celebrity”, we don’t need a celebrity, we need a Sheriff and leadership”, wow.

“The first thing I’m going to do is to get body cams for all the deputies, it’s not right we don’t have them, and if you’ve ever been involved in an officer involved shooting, you know those body cams can save your life.”

“When I get elected Sheriff, promotions will be on merit, not on who you are and your relationship with the Sheriff.”

Then he dug into the YELLOWSTONE fundraiser, he said that Par got a lot of money from people out of town and out of State, boy, is that true.

Par, brought to you by the immortality of STEM CELL CREAM, they flew in for Par’s big money party, all the buddies he protects showed up and, of course, the movie stars.

A lot of people do not realize either that Par and Mike were not U.S. Marshalls, their daddy, TP was but they were NOT. They were merely hired employees that picked up and delivered criminals from other places. His big claim to fame, picking up, NOT investigating, not reading the files, nope, just pick up and delivery.

Par’s got lotsa money, from his rich friends who are “seemy” at best and at worst, well, non FDA Stem Cell cream and placenta buying and selling, one wonders how long that’s going to last before the FDA or some other entity shuts that down.

Aguirre is tall, handsome, fit, in his fifties, and he doesn’t need “handlers” and babysitters when his age sets in and the suck ups have to protect him from the facts of old age and life itself.

The people there last night were there and pumped. They will no longer be silent because they have a man leading them that is unafraid, amazing how that brings them together.

The Rangers have a saying, “You can’t stop a man in the right that keeps on coming”, well, they’re up against one now.

Jeff Aguirre and his soon to be army of people totally fkd by Par and his evil minions.

I’m excited, I hope you are too.


2 thoughts on “JEFF AGUIRRE V. PAR

  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it happening.

    Let me pull this out of my ass what will go down:

    Last minute Par-par backs out, endorses Blossman, pushes the fact he’s cross trained by the USM, FAST team, etc, all that BS.

    He won’t push Eubank, that guy would need a skirt to hide behind.

    So if it’s Blossman vs Aguirre, maybe a slight chance, slight, why? Remember Pct.4 election?

    If it’s Par vs Aguirre, Par wins.

    As for the other former, currently employees of SO, no balls, golden cuffs, afraid to take on the machine.

    God bless this county.

  2. A new race to get excited about it!! Wake up Mclennan County we got a new sheriff to elect!! COUNT ME IN!!! Aguirre 2024!!!

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