Hey, I loved McLennan County Mugshots, they had big numbers and I’m putting this up here because I don’t know and probably just like you find this the biggest shock since Tucker Carlson on my local level. I love em, they’re sick puppies and I loved the sense of humor. So did everyone else.

As the mother of a son who specialized in misdemeanors AND got his face om MUGSHOTS.COM back in the early 2000, well, I was less than thrilled. However, my butt hurt feelings didn’t make it any less legal, and whenever I’d google my boy, there it’d be. I found out that to have it removed it would cost $10,000.00. Wow, what a racket I thought and that was that. Happily, in recent years his mugshot disappeared and I just chalked it up to the Cosmos and was glad, I looked this morning and it seems MUGSHOTS.COM got taken down for EXTORTION.

This is not to be confused with McLennan County Mugshots, obviously, these guys were taken down years ago.

Mugshots com extortion

Mugshots.com Owners Charged with Extortion

Featured snippet from the web

In all, the people behind Mugshots.com have allegedly charged at least 5,703 people to have their mugshots removed, making approximately $2.4 million in the process. Those who cannot afford to pay them have experienced real harm in their personal and professional lives.Mar 14, 2022

So, here’s what we have today about MCLENNAN COUNTY MUGSHOTS FACEBOOK PAGE.

We look forward to hearing if this is true, which it appears to be, and what this information generates.

Uh oh, we thought it was just t shirts and mugs.


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