NO, I don’t like them. Not either of them. Char, well, Chr contacted me a couple of years ago wanting me to have lunch with her and some deputies and Par over at the S.O. Right? That’ll get me out of the house. Not. She wanted to explain to me the “truth” about Mike McNamara and how Par didn’t move the body. Cool. So, I asked her if she had listened to that pesky 911 tape and she laughed and told me, “NO”, that told me volumes so I told her that until she listened to Sherre Johston and that 911 tape we had nothing to discuss.

SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Par, well, I’ve never met him, Always gave me the creeps. Par got Steve January to call me when I lived in Hutto, on speaker phone with Par there, to threaten to put me in jail for Doxxing, putting the address of the old McNamara House on the Internet. It was on the Pawn Tickets when Par used the Dunn guns to get five grand for his trip to the Swiss Alps for a vacation.

They took the “case” against me to the Rangers, the Rangers went all gun ho and although they refused the case themselves, helped Par get my case over to another old girlfriend we suppose, Margaret Moore, at the Travis County DA’s office, unfortunately, none of them realized they were in the WRONG COUNTY, I lived in Williamson County, but you know Par, details just don’t matter to him one little bit.

So, here’s your Sheriff for Life, America’s Sheriff, trying to get Trump to notice him, just a little wave. Nothing.

Poor Par, no body cam Par, so desperate for attention from another aging Narcissist.

I kinda like this photo because it’s reminiscent of Where’s Waldo, and it looks like Par is searchng for Char, after all, look at all the WITCH HUNT signs.

Par and Char, love to be out there, all bullshit and no intelligence, all bluster and past bullshit, protect the wealthy, can’t keep a dime in their pocket, next redoing the old McNamara place.

Here’s Par in the audience, his best “look at me” pose, too bad NO BODY CAMS came back to bite him and I can only imagine telling the Secret Service we don’t have body cams.

No wonder Par’s in the audience, NO BODY CAMS……….How’s that workin’ for you old man?

All the campaign money in the world cannot help you not look stupid this time.



Par at Trump’s stopover looking for Char………WITCH HUNT….bwaaah

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