While some insane Federal Judge Trump appointee gets ready to sign a Bill increasing Mexican tourism, I am sick of people calling me about my car Warranty.

The people of Mexico will be so happy when the Judge bans abortion. Laredo will flourish. People won’t give a damn about hepatitis, kidnapping, being mobbed by beggars, and hawked by tooth fairies, now abortion’s on the menu too.

Mexico, it’s not just for teeth anymore.

I’ve been down this road before. My fellow classmate fell victim to the wilds of a drunken State winning Football team back in about ’63 and her parents made her have the baby and just dress normally through it. I remember her in her band uniform, being shamed by all the good Christians in the stands, and her parents.

Shame the women, that was the mantra back then. “Don’t get close to the priests or Uncle Henry after they’ve had three beers,” they’d say.

So it was your fault if it happened.

It’ll be great.

You’re all going to love it.

The entire thing has ruined politics and every other thing for years.

So, if you’re getting an enormous amount of SPAM, calls from Bunfk wherever, they’re not going to do a thing for you. They’re still out there virgin worshipping and saving the people who didn’t get here.

I’m adopted, if I say anything I’m ungrateful, so there’s that too.

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, I feel young because NOTHING HAS CHANGED, it’s just worse, and that’s okay, except for “Debbie” from bunfk.


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