You think they might be using foreskins in this cream. By the way I love reading your accounts of the people fucking up..Keep up the good work.

A very good question so I googled it.

They’re included in Dermagraft, a skin substitute that commonly treats chronic diabetic foot ulcers. In some case reports, foreskin tissue has gone toward creative solutions, like fixing damaged eyelids, repairing webbed fingers and toes, and even forming an anal canal.Jul 26, 2021

Obviously a foreskin can be used to make an anal canal, a living asshole, here’s living proof.

Dear Reader 10, good idea, the Justices can actually make a NEW ASSHOLE out of human foreskin, they already have a few assholes around, and Par’s asshole, well, there are so many people up there, he may just need the foreskin services.

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