Let’s bring it home and kill it

This is Andy Castillo, I call him “Mantits”, he doesn’t mind, he’s dead, he died here of Covid, I suspect his ashes are still hanging out at some Waco funeral home.

Mantits was already convicted of Capital Murder in Lubbock, Texas.

He was also actively dying of kidney failure. If you notice how he looks , you might agree he’s out of his mind, his brain is also poisoned by his kidneys, he’s gold, and, face it, it’s only kidney failure.

SO, somehow he gets hold of a phone and begins to call and talk dirty to Waco Realtors.

Yeah, a real Mr. Lucky this crazy son of a bitch.

The realtors who have never been talked to by a perve before, went crazy and the entire world went after Mantits.

Easy to find, we got him, as we cannot have some Mexican Jaundiced Pervert wanting to tongue realtors so WE DISCONNECTED THE IV AND BROUGHT HIS ASS HERE TO GO ON KIDNEY DIALYSIS GET SICK AND ULTIMATELY DIE HERE for it.

Well, take that.

KWTX ate his lunch, I’m sure since he was dying in agony no one gave a rat’s ass, he wasn’t someone’s son FROM HERE, a Fentress spawn, or boy scout.

You have the disposable people like poor MANTITS, used to bolster the career of our Sheriff for Life and the Pervert Whisperer Scaramucci who likes to pretend he’s a little girl and talk to pervs.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we have homegrown perves, or maybe perves, I’m not sitting in judgment, my job is to bring YOU the records, I don’t give a damn, I have faith in Waco juries and you have your day in court, I certainly did, tell your story to them.

We have Lee Humphreys, now we find out that they’ve hidden the Collier incident.

They are staging a play, right in front of us, WITH Hollywood actors, people involved in the stem cell creamery, known criminals, the afterbirth brothers, Justice, and this is what we have.

This is Andy Castillo, he was fine just fine in jail in Lubbock for Capital Murder for fuck’s sake, we brought him here, to die for Parnell’s love of the camera and KWTX up his ass because of Collier’s son, Rissa’s Ballew daughter, Tommy Withersoon’s face lodged in Par’s ass for thirty years, and it’s time they knew we know.

Face it, all we can do to them is humiliate them, get real.

Enter Lee Humphreys who got a sweet deal, notice a Judge signed off on that. Look at little Sherre, Judge Kelly signed off on dropping the burglary charge, the family had NO CLUE.

Their world is pink candles, Hollywood stars, and money from a Ponzi scheme and stem cell cream.

This will fall apart soon.

EQUAL FOOTING FOR EVERYONE, from an import from Lubbock, to my son, to yours, to hers, to his, and theirs, no matter who your parents are, stop this shit.


Gawddamn, they think I’m stupid. Of course, Collier, Parnell, and Daddy Warbucks are KNOWN womanizers and I am sure they still impress. Viva Viagra.

Mantits paid, so did you, the taxpayer. Kidney dialysis don’t come cheap.


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