You’re not alone. You’re not stupid, they can’t buy you. You see them for what they are, a runaway, aging, Sheriff, his Botox Bride, and at the Department, there are those that are his henchmen, and those that cover up, and those that are pretty tired of watching others get sucked right on in bit by bit.

It’s time to make them stop.


You ask for it you are going to get it! I am so sick of the corruption in McLennan County, this good old boy system has gone over the top, you have the Fox guarding the hen house in every level of our County Government. Let’s start with the county commissioners or as I like to refer to them as the puppets for our court Judge more nepotism than a family in the hills of Kentucky. These offices are important, they go unnoticed therefore they fly under the radar!!! I hope that all your readers realize that we must vote these fossils out and get new people in these offices!!! Your county court judge has used his office for personal gain long enough vote him and all the county commissioners out.

Moving on our district judges well isn’t that a fine example of good old boys and girls? With one exception your Honorable Judge Minard. Just to be clear the DA’s office does not set trials to the Docket your Judges do, hello makes you wonder why we now have 5-page docket calls when prior to January we had 2-page docket calls. And hey maybe just maybe if you are lucky Judge Susan Kelly will come to work and work for her salary!!! Please look up how the system works…

Now as for the DA just really? He hired a retired Judge he had to step down due to his age but hey lets keep paying him. Note: Any person that retired judge has ever handled DA will have to recuse his office!!! Exactly what are you thinking??? To be honest the Day Care Lady should not even be in our courthouse since that precious baby is the Honorable Judge Feltons grandchild! RECUSE, RECUSE, RECUSE, in the fairness of justice. Remember people vote out all County Commissioners, County Judge please Jesus let him have an opponent! Then place your vote for anyone that is qualified and runs against our current batch of elected officials!

Now I step into the Parnell mess… I want people to ask themselves why would a sitting Sherriff hold a fun raiser for an unopposed reelection run a year ahead of the election? And please for the love of god tell me his accomplishments since he has been in office? I take trafficking young girls seriously and admire the fact that we have a task force to watch for the perverts, however where are the conviction records? Why are we paying people to fly all over the globe? Where are the “ Rub and Tug” convictions? We see a lot of media coverage on the arrest but not so much on the CONVICTIONS!!! That tells me that starting with Able Rayna and going into Barry Johnsons term they had bad cases that were not prosecutable….. Again, the case is only as good as the police that investigate it, they must meet certain criteria in the law before they can be prosecuted.

I am so sick of Elected Officials spinning tales and fabricating these elaborate stories for the sake of votes and I am sicker of the fact that so many people do not have a clue how the system works! Please please, please research and learn about your candidates and vote accordingly. The days of the I scratch your back you scratch mine should be over!!! No more envelopes under the table…..

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