Thank you to a brave reader who has had enough. We are being bulllied, lied to, and gaslighted by our public officials.

This is happening right in front of us, a Kabuki dance of people in jets, yet leaving their house full of squallor and mayhem when the bank forecloses. We have people who have known one another their entire lives and can remember the Justice family.

Write Harry, I’m not publishing any names, my site verifies who you are and in the current climate of revenge at the Sheriff’s Department, no one is safe from it, it’s generational.

Thank you for being brave and writing this with your heart and common sense, and fatigue.

We have no law, all we can do is humiliate these bastards and have enough to protest.



I have seen Johnnie and if she weighs 90 pounds I would be shocked. She is a walking skeleton. I don’t think she eats more than one meal a day if that. I cannot understand how law enforcement can see her and not see there is something not right. It is heartbreaking. Dr. Barbin and everyone else involved should be ashamed, she looks to be being starved to death.

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  1. Doesn’t the State of Texas have a senior citizen, department of aging that looks into these cases? Just like CPS?

    1. APS has told the Sharps to NEVER file a complaint with them again. People have called, Mary Justice comes to the door and says she’s fine just fine.

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