Harry readers are not stupid. They also expect the paperwork, they can read, and they do. The papers don’t lie and my readers know bullshit when they see it, they know phonies and hypocrites. If you don’t want to read this blog, don’t. Please don’t. Don’t insult my readers with your bullshit or imaginary religious friends. THIS is real life, this is corruption. This is your commissioners on up, county judge with brother in law builder that gets the big money, has become a millionaire since Felton got in, John Erwin, Judges, and the Sheriff.

Recently Parnell has completed grooming Tetens, who has never had so much smoke blown up his ass in his life, and likes it, had no problem with his office prosecuting little Sherre, Sherre, his buddy. Uh huh. We get it. We see you.

Do you remember when Judge Ralph Strother signed off on Abel’s SWEET plea deal for the Baylor Frat boy rapist????

Women Outraged by Baylor Frat Boy’s Deal Go After Judge Ralph Strother (

Judge Ralph Strother’s Lenient Plea Deal in Baylor Fraternity Rape Case Draws Comparisons to Brock Turner | Vogue

Thousands say judge who gave Baylor frat president probation, not prison, in rape case must go (

Wow, if you go to the RIGHT CHURCH, the one where you love getting up there with your “testimony” time after time, and drag your poor daughter up there too, AND they just forgive you and help you over and over again becaue YOU are the Sheriff’s girlfriend and boy, did he do some big favors for some jack off members of Antioch.

Remember those RUB AND TUG cases? Oh, yeah, they disappeared too.

If you have Antioch and write the Judge a letter maybe the victims of your burglary can go fuck themselves too.

Judges don’t have to sign off on plea bargains.


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