Norbert, the Christmas massage “finger fkr” from the Marketplace massage Parlor, is in trouble again, seems another woman has come forward and, yes, she had the “office special” from Norbert too.

They think Norbert may have a few women he “massaged” out there.

I wonder if they miss him?

If they don’t now is the time to call the cops AND the first victim’s lawyer, one Vic Feazell.

This is Norbert, hope he washes his hands.

Waco police are seeking other possible victims after a second customer of a massage business at Central Texas Marketplace accused an employee of inappropriate sexual touching.

Authorities arrested Norberto Tinoco in December 2022 on a second-degree felony sexual assault charge after a customer alleged inappropriate sexual contact while he gave a massage in October, officials said. 

Since then police have received a second report of similar misconduct at the business, Waco police spokesperson Cierra Shipley said.

“This may demonstrate a pattern of behavior and indicates the possibility of other victims who have, up to now, not made reports with the Waco Police Department,” she said.

“We want to ensure that any other victims have the opportunity to come forward and receive services from our Victim Services Unit.”

Anyone who feels victimized and would like to make a report may call the Waco police non-emergency phone line at 254-750-7500. 

Tinoco is not currently listed in custody in McLennan County Jail. 

The original accuser visited a massage salon in the 2800 block of West Loop 340 on Oct. 2 for a massage, according to Tinoco’s original arrest affidavit. She said Tinoco used his fingers to sexually assault her during the massage, the affidavit said.

She told the lead detective that she froze in the moment and did not say anything, afraid that Tinoco would escalate the assault or injure her, the affidavit said. She was very upset and sought therapeutic help before reporting the assault to police Oct. 17, the affidavit said.

Tinoco initially denied the assault, but admitted after failing a polygraph test that he had in fact touched the woman inappropriately, the affidavit states.

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