The Old BIG RED BOTTLING COMPANY is now Chad and Jay Justice’s Stem Cell Cream plant.


The stem cell cream is made from DEAD stem cells and is not FDA approved.

They are getting “investors” because they just can’t cheat Johnnie Sharp out of enough money to maintain their lifestyle and family members. One only has to look at the housekeeping and business habits of Jay Justice, now in FORECLOSURE, but don’t worry, it is rumored that they got Johnnine Sharp to just buy Jay and his family a new trailer so they don’t have to clean their old place. Not that it looked like they were.

So, here is the list of who’s who and the where’s where of Daddy Warbucks hands all over Chad’s wife.

They must have Esme taking the phot, since she is the oldest woman, they don’t need her in the picture.

Wake up girl.

From left to right, random blonde chick with Scotty Ray Hanley, Cal Marshall, Stacy Rainaldi, Jennifer Branch, Mindy Martin, Chad Justice, Staley Justice, and John Sawyer.

There will be a day soon when this enterprise goes down in flames.

See Par protects all these people and the Stem Cell Cream being brought to you by BIG RED BOTTLING and people who you wouldn’t let cook a hamburger for you because they’re so filthy, the Justices.

Flying around in a private plane. Nice.

Anyone who hangs out with young people and parties with them after the age of 40 is a stone cold creep.

See, the JUSTICE family, took over Johnnie Sharp, her friends are not allowed to see her, her kids don’t see her, and the Justices have made Johnnie, a known alcoholic and pill addict, their prisoner by telling her wild stories. They also have made Johnnie and other people, think, that this STEM CELL CREAM will help HER and other rich people live longer so they can suck off her forever.

The Justices are big suck up buddies with our local Sheriff, Jay Justice is the installer and maintainer of the undercarriage lights that glow under Par and Char’s jeep.

Why don’t you think about having undercarriage lights put on YOUR grandpa’s jeep. Par and Char will TAKE anything if it’s free, especially meals. (I’m having people film them walking that check over and over again)

My, my, certainly cozy,


Take a look at the far left, who’s hand is where? Does it seem like she’s protecting her lady parts from Daddy Warbucks?

I love a dirty old man, world’s full of them, look at him, all sunglassed up, bigass hat covering his bald ass head, trying to cop feels of someone else’s wife, or maybe her old man doesn’t care?


unknown blonde, Scotty Ray Hanley, Cal MArshall, Stacy Rainaldi, Jennifer Branch, Mindy Martin, Chad Justice, Staley Justice, and John Sawyer.

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