THIS is Johnnie Sharp.

Our SHERIFF FOR LIFE protects the people who have Johnnie Sharp, he’s known them since they were children. Jay Justice installed the Sheriff’s “undercarriage lighting” on Char and Par’s luxury Jeep. Every seventy seven year old man needs sexy undercarriage on his Jeep. Right?

This, like everything else, operates out in the open with the protection of Parnell McNamara.

Since the Justices have the Sheriff in their pocket, it’s another “Do It Yourself” project for Harry bloggers. If you see Johnnie Sharp, please take a photo of her and the folks she’s with, her captors, to COMMENTS. I’ll keep your name a secret.

This is one of the last sightings of Johnie Sharp. She’s driving down Valley Mills Drive with her trunk bobbing up and down.

Oh, yeah, that Brad Sharp doesn’t love his mother. WHY is Brad worried about his mom when she’s “fine, just fine” according to her captor and pill pusher Dr. Barbin.

THIS is Johnnie Sharp, Alzheimers, money, pen, checkbook and the Justice family.

Johnnie is also financing the NON FDA STEM CELL CREAM PLANT.

Can you hear them sucking off her?


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