Yeah, Sherre gets put in Par’s jail for 2 DWI’s, probation issues, and tampering with evidence, which was hiding her gun under the deputy’s hatbox. These charges sat on her jail sheet for a while, then, the gun tampering charge went bye bye. Why? We think that it’s because Parnell likes for Sherre to have a gun.

When she first sent the photo below to me with a threat on my Harry comments, it’s all still there, it was a very subtle threat.

Sherre knew just how far to go because she was sleeping with Truman, one sneaky fuck that one, Par, the Sheriff, and she had a lot of time with Mike. Over twenty years, according to her Tribute to him.

She knew how to threaten to kill you without threatening to kill you.

Did I turn her in? Oh, yeah.

I went to the Sheriff’s department in August of 2017 and told them bluntly that the Sheriff’s girlfriend was threatening me. What happened after that is the Sheriff and Sherre tried to file charges on ME with Barry Johnson. They showed up with all HER comments to Harry removed leaving just mine.

They were glowing too, the prosecutor told them that they didn’t have enough to charge me and the beat went on.

Happy Days, now if you or I get a picture of Pistol Packing Dumbass with another gun, it’s Felon in Possession and we’ll have a Probation Officer to call instead of someone she’s got years of “good lovin” with.

Breathe a sigh of relief all you wives of naughty husbands who have succumbed to her constant advances, she’s going to be gone for a short time and when she gets back, no more Ruger.

We suggest John sleep with his eyes open.


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